Meditations on Terra

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Copyright  2006  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
My children,

  I have provided a means for the divine to communicate with you.  My scribe
has created 3 websites at my command.  Please do avail yourself of them
and listen to what we have to say.  Listen, contemplate, and hear.  Yes hear
the essence of the messages we are imparting to you.  Do not knee-jerk in
reaction to what you see at first glance.  Take the time to read the
messages.  Read them closely.  Read them all.  For they are a whole you see.  
And after you have read them in their entirety, return and read them again
from the top.  And the second reading will make much more sense to you.  
For things first referenced are later expounded upon.  Things hinted at are
later fleshed out.  Partial views are later given more full exposure.

  Take your time my children.  Much care and thought and time has been
given in creating these messages.  Please do us the courtesy and yourself the
favor, of taking care and thought and time in receiving these messages.  And
yes, do receive them.  That is, place yourself in a receptive mood.  You may
wish to do a brief meditation before reading the messages.  A slow, calm
deep breathing will do if you do not have a meditation technique.

  Good luck my children.  The messages are given to you in love my children.  
They are meant to encourage you and to show you that you need not look at
the ever increasing darkness around you but can turn within and within
discover how to create a higher reality for yourself.  Choose my children
choose.  Whose voice shall you listen to.  The voice of the snake blared at
you incessantly via the so-called news.  Or shall you listen to my voice.  The
voice of me and my fellows.  We are here to help you.  We have created
these websites so that you may learn to avail yourself of our help.  For you
will increasingly need our help in these Coming Times.  Forgive us my
children, but the times ahead will grow increasingly dark.  I am sorry for this
my children, but this is what you are creating.  This is what you are
deliberately choosing to create.  And what you create you shall experience.

  I invite you to rethink your creation.  I invite you to rethink your position.  I
invite you to create a lighter world, a world more hospitable to Life, a world
that will nurture your children.

  I love you, my children.  I wish all the best for you, my children.  I pray
over you, my children.  And I beg of you, I beg of you, I beg of you: ask, ask,

    Ask for the help that you need
    Ask to be shown the way out
    Ask to be shown how to listen, hear, and follow my voice

    For my voice shall lead you to life
    To life everlasting
    To life that you will enjoy living

    God bless you, my children
    I bless you, my children

    Take advantage of these websites, my children
    Make good use of them
    Use them my dear ones to reach ever closer to me
    And to the life that you were meant to live
    To the you that you ARE

    Three different websites have been created
    But do feel free to read them all
    Yes, reading them in order is good
    Reading them at random will work if that is what appeals to you more

       Our first website was created at the request of the Father and Mother of
the Original People of North America.  The people you now refer to as Native
Americans.  Within this website there are messages for all people and
interspersed among the messages are messages specifically geared for and
to the Original Americans.  They provide insight into your history and into
your current plight.  When you read of the proposed solution, do not take
offense.  Do not react in a knee jerk fashion.  Continue with your reading.  Do
a close read of all three sites and realize that the solution being proposed to
you is also the solution that is now being proposed to the entire human race.

  Our second website is called "The Coming Times" but truly it may as well
be called "The Present Time" so quickly my children are you rushing forward
like lemmings toward your death.  Read this site and recognize the truth of
what you have created, what you are creating; and decide for yourself if you
wish to continue along this path or if you wish to rethink your position and
choose to create a completely different Coming Time.  The choice is yours.  
Their consequences, their natural consequences are your creation.  And what
you choose, you create.  And what you create, you experience.  Please my
children, do not be naïve.  Do not expect to create one reality and then turn
to me and ask me to provide you with a different reality.  For you to learn,
you must experience the reality that you create.  Thus you will learn to be
more careful in your choices.  More careful as to what you create.  For of
course, you will experience your creation.  You will experience your
creation.  Choose and create what you wish to experience.  Look and see
what it is that you are choosing and creating.  Look and see my children.  
Look for yourselves.  See for yourselves.  Do not believe, do not swallow
whole what is being spoon-fed to you.  Know that you are being lied to.  
Know that these are diverting tactics meant to distract you while the snakes
of the day go about their business, achieving their end, and leaving you to
swallow their bitter pill.

  Wake up my children!  Wake up!  Wake up to the reality around you.  See it
as it is and not as you are told that it is.  See what it is that you are creating
and not what you are told is being created.  And choose.  With eyes wide
open, choose.  My Father will respect your choice.  However you choose, my
Father will respect your choice.  For you have the gift of Free Will you see
and my Father has no choice but to respect your choice.  And we in Heaven
are not allowed to intervene unless you ask us to.  Ask us to.  I beg of you,
ask us to.  For truly you are already in a position from which you can no
longer extricate yourself without our help.  Ask.  Ask.  Ask.  And then turn
within and listen and hear our response.  Listen, hear, and follow; and create
a bright and life-sustaining reality for yourselves, for your children, and for
your home itself, the planet Earth.

  Know that we are creating a new home for you as we speak.  And this new
home, Terra, is the subject of our third website.  Terra will be available to
those of my children who are pure of heart.  She shall be available after The
Coming Times have come to their natural conclusion.  Terra is my greatest
dream and hope for you my children.  It is my attempt to give you a fresh
start.  A start free of the snake.  A world in which you may make your own
choices free from unknown and malevolent influences.  The choices you
make on Terra, the reality you create on Terra will be humanity’s and
humanity’s only.  On Terra, you shall be free of all interference.  You shall
truly be free to create your own expression.  Your creation shall no longer
surprise you.  The consequences will be clearly the result of your choices.  
We understand that it may not appear so on Earth.  Please know that there
are malevolent forces on Earth influencing you, distracting you, putting you
to sleep, leaving themselves free to work their evil upon the world.  And my
children it is not my intent to frighten you.  It is not my intent to harp upon
conspiracy theories.  On the contrary, our intent is to show you, to clearly
show you that the power is yours.  Your power, your sovereignty, your
freedom are your God-given gifts and no one, no thing can take these your
gifts away from you.  You unfortunately have the ability to give them away.  
And give them away you do and do and do.  We are asking you our children
to reclaim your individual power, reclaim your individual sovereignty,
reclaim your freedom, and yes my children, reclaim your loving relationship
with your planet, your home, your Earth.

    God bless you my children
    Good luck to you my children
    Choose well my children

    For what you choose, you will create
    For what you create, you will experience

    Choose well
    Choose well
    Choose well


Your Lord and Christ
The one you call Jesus
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