They Are Thanking God  
Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2005  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
Divine Brotherhood
I saw the face of our Lord
His hair is red
And now he has turned around and is walking off
And we of course follow him
Divine Brotherhood
We arrive at the cliffside and immediately go to the arc
of light
And ride it to Terra

The Lord takes out his silver peace pipe
It is now dusk

The light is a beautiful peaceful color
Not quite blue; not quite grey
It is very restful and yet we can still see quite clearly

And the Lord lifts his peace pipe up towards the Heavens
And silently says a prayer
Divine Brotherhood
And what does he pray
What is his prayer
Lord Jesus Christ
My dear God and Father
Oh merciful God and Creator of this universe
I thank you for bringing these my children together

May they unite to serve the one purpose to which we are
all dedicated
And that my dear Father
Is to realize my one dream

To create a refuge, a haven, a home
A heaven manifested for your human children

May these, your children and mine
Unite to help make my dream for them
My fervent hope for them
My greatest prayer for them
A reality

My God, my God, I cannot do it without them
May they learn to understand this
May they cease looking at me to save them

And recognize the powers
The creative powers that you have given them

And may they USE IT to create my vision
Of Heaven manifested on Terra

Amen.  Amen.  Amen.
As I have said it.  So may it be
Amen.  Amen.  Amen
Divine Brotherhood
And then what happens
He brings the peace pipe down to his lap
And he hangs his head down

He is collecting himself
He is gathering his strength

And then he lifts the pipe up to the sky once more
Before giving it to the person on his right

And the person on his right says a silent prayer asking
To keep his intentions pure and his motives good
That he be a clean and clear vessel for the Lord

And then the person puts the pipe to his lips and inhales

And we are all tuned in to the person
And we have all heard his silent prayer
And we all remain tuned into him
As he prays for his vision of Terra

And I see the children running around free
They are safe and they are free

That is his prayer request of Terra and for life on Terra

That the children are completely safe and completely
Free to run around on their own
Without constant adult supervision
That is his dream for Terra

And I think,
how wonderful!
And I marvel that he came up with such a beautiful

And then he silently passes the silver pipe
To the woman on his right
And she lifts the pipe up to the sky and she already
knows her heart’s desire
And it is for Peace
Please God let there be external and internal Peace on
Let Peace suffuse the planet and all on it
Let Peace be in the air that we breathe
And let Peace be in the water we swim in
May we absorb Peace from the planet itself

Please God that is my one prayer
Peace in each creature on the planet
Peace between each two creatures on the planet
And it is an active Peace that she is praying for
Not simply the absence of discord
But the actual Spirit of Peace to surround the planet with
its Grace

And then she places the pipe in her lap and hangs her
head down a moment
Divine Brotherhood
And what is happening when they do that
They are thanking God

They are thanking God for this fresh start

They are thanking God for this opportunity to participate
in the creation of Terra

They are thanking God