These Loving and Joyful Children of Terra
Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2005  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
And we are all standing
And the Lord reaches out to hold hands
With the two people standing next to him
And so we all reach out and we are all holding hands

And the Lord lifts his hands up – still joined to his fellows
And we all do likewise

And the Lord bows his head
Divine Brotherhood
Tune into the Lord
What is he saying
Lord Jesus Christ
Abba, my dear Heavenly Father
Thy kingdom come
Thy will be done

On Terra
On Terra
On Terra

Please my dear and oh so gracious Father
Please my God
Please Abba

Please grant this one request of mine

That your kingdom come to Terra
That your will be done on Terra

This IS my prayer request

And may my children gathered here together
Along with your Grace and with your Blessings
Help to realize my dream

My one dream
Of seeing Heaven manifested on Terra

I ask you this my Father
I ask you this my Father
I ask you this my Father

Please my Father, have mercy on me
Have mercy on me
Have mercy on me

And please, please my Father
Make my dream a reality

Please my Father please help me
Please help me
Please help me

For truly I am tired
And the road ahead is still very long

And I need your help Father
I am in great need of your sustaining force

Forgive me Father but I am so tired
I am so very tired

And they all look to me
And I look to you

I would my Father that they each look to you directly
Then tell them to do so!
Lord Jesus Christ
Yes Father, I will do as you say
Thank you Father
Divine Brotherhood
And now what happens
The Lord has his face back to vertical
His arms have dropped but his hands are still joined
To the individuals at his sides

And he looks to Archangel Michael
There is that eye-to-eye contact
Between Lord Jesus and Archangel Michael
And I sense Archangel Michael to be reassuring Jesus
To be in a sense telling him,
I’ll help you
And Jesus firmly nods his head, Yes
And he sits down, no longer holding hands with his comrades
And we all sit down as well
Except Archangel Michael who remains standing
And Archangel Michael lifts his large arms high into the air
And also prays to the Father
Divine Brotherhood
And what is his prayer
Lord Jesus Christ
My dear Heavenly Father
My Abba
My King

Please grant the request of your Son
And please bless this group of humans
As they go about stating their dreams for their new home

May they choose well Father
May they choose wisely Father
May they choose so that in Truth and in Reality

Thy Kingdom come
Thy Will be done
On Terra

I ask you this Father
In the name of Jesus the Christ, your Son, our Lord

Amen.  Amen.  Amen.
Divine Brotherhood
And then what happens
Archangel Michael drops his hands and looks around the group
We are all looking at him
And he is looking at us, searching our eyes out
He is looking at our eyes, searching us out
And yes, his eyes settle on Geoffrey

And he walks over to Geoffrey
And bids him to rise
And Geoffrey does so
And the two embrace

And then Archangel Michael blows on the peace pipe
He blows down the entire length of the pipe as Geoffrey
And then Archangel Michael hands the pipe to Geoffrey
And says to him

    Speak your Truth
    Speak it in Love
    Speak it in Joy

And then Archangel Michael walks back to his seat and sits

And Geoffrey is left standing alone with the pipe
And he is holding it vertically in his hand
Looking at it as if unsure as to what to do with it

He turns around and sees us looking at him, and he blushes

And now we are no longer looking at him
Now each one of us is in a meditative position
With our eyes closed

Creating a holy space around our circle
Holding that space open

So that whoever is holding the pipe
May find himself able to reach within and find and speak his

And Geoffrey now sees that no one is looking at him
And that all eyes are closed
And that all are meditating

And he relaxes
He is free

And he puts the pipe to his lips
And he starts playing it like a recorder
And he plays it well!
Divine Brotherhood
Listen to the sound
Listen to the sound
And it is a haunting melodious sound
It is full of texture and richness
It has body

It speaks of mysteries and of things yet unknown
And it seeks understanding

Yes the song seeks desperately to understand
It wants to understand
Life, the universe, truth, God, people, nature, everything!

It doesn’t just want knowledge
It wants to understand
Please God let us understand!
Let us understand

Let us understand our selves
Let us understand our brothers and sisters
Let us understand our home

Allow us oh God to understand our universe
And oh God if it is not too much to ask
Allow us to understand
In as much as we are capable of
Dear God, please forgive me if I am overstepping my bounds

And the song starts tapering off

It thanks God for listening to it
It thanks God for answering it in however way, in whatever
To whatever extent, God chooses to answer it

The song humbly thanks God
It thanks God for the gift of understanding

And once again repeats its longing to understand ALL, ALL
Even God itself!

And then the song humbly apologizes

And then the song thanks God for whatever God will grant
And then the song praises God for his creation
And requests that God blesses Terra with understanding

And the song is silent

And then Geoffrey is still with his eyes closed

And then he walks over to Archangel Michael
And bows to him from the waist
And there are tears in Geoffrey’s eyes
And he gives the peace pipe to Archangel Michael
And returns to his position and sits down
And immediately takes the meditative position
For he would compose himself

And now the group is humming
Again I don’t know who started the humming
It seems we as a group just knew to start humming
And we are humming

And the humming is an affirmation of Geoffrey’s song
It confirms Geoffrey’s request

Yes, the whole group is in agreement
And lends force to Geoffrey’s song seeking understanding

The humming states that the whole group is in agreement

Yes Father, we do seek the gift of understanding
Yes Father, please do listen to our brother’s plea

Yes Father, we would greatly appreciate Terra
And all her people to be blessed with the gift of Understanding

That we understand you Father
That we understand your laws Father
So that we find them easy to obey
That we understand the marvels of your universe
That we understand your creation

And Father that we understand the wisdom of the ages
All the wisdom Father
That humanity has gained and lost and gained and lost
May we Father be blessed
With all wisdom and with all understanding

And we promise Father that we will cherish this gift
We will treasure it highly

We will educate ourselves
So that we are fully mature citizens of the realms
In full obedience to your laws
In full understanding God
Of mathematics, of physics, of the laws of spirituality

That they not be esoteric knowledge reserved for the few
And kept locked up in vaults

But that this understanding
This deep understanding Father of you
And how you have manifested yourself through the universe
Be common, yes Father, common knowledge
That all Terrans are familiar and comfortable with

So we are not frightened, Father
So we are not left confused, Father

Because we understand
Because we understand
Because we understand

And now the humming draws to a close
And Geoffrey is feeling validated
He is feeling understood!
And what a good feeling that is

And he thanks the Father in grateful relief
That his prayer request was understood
And he understands that if it was understood
That means it was heard
Was it heard, Father?
Yes my son, it was heard
And Geoffrey begins weeping
Tears silently flow down his face

And yes his body convulses even as he restrains himself
For he knows that to hear is to answer

His prayer request has been answered

Terra and her inhabitants will be blessed by our Heavenly
With the gift of Understanding

And Geoffrey weeps
Divine Brotherhood
And then what happens
Everyone opens their eyes
And breaks out in applause for Geoffrey
And Geoffrey has stopped weeping
And he is amazed that he is being applauded

And gradually, slowly, steadily he relaxes
And then finally he smiles
And then his face breaks out into joy

He is understood
He is home
Thank you, Abba, I am home
Here, Abba, on Terra I am home
And the group continues applauding Geoffrey
Divine Brotherhood
And then what happens
Look, don’t assume, look and yes listen
The applause has turned into rhythmic clapping
And somehow it is directed at the Lord Jesus

Everyone is clapping together in rhythm
We seem to be of one mind
And we are looking at the Lord Jesus
And the thought that the clapping is saying
Is very clear and obvious:


We want the Lord to speak
And we will not stop clapping until he does so

And the Lord drinks in the energy of our applause
And our demand of him makes him smile

    His children
    He loves them so!
    He is so proud of them

    Their fierceness!

And the Lord smiles
And he is no longer nearly as weary as he was before
And the Lord smiles

And the rhythmic applause continues
Patiently it continues
There is no hurry in its demand
It will wait
But it will not stop either

And the Lord grins broadly
He is proud of his children
Yes he is

They make him proud
These beautiful, good, and innocent children

    God bless them
    God bless them
    God bless them with Terra

And the Lord stands up
And allows the rhythmic applause to continue
He seems to be absorbing the sound waves
The sound waves are entering him
And he is absorbing something from them
I know not what
Divine Brotherhood
Don’t you
He is absorbing the youth and the energy and the vitality
Of his children
He is drinking it in
He is being rejuvenated
He is being restored

We are all young adults and we are imparting our freshness
Our vigor, our virility and our fertility, our enthusiasm
Our innocence, our youthfulness itself to our Lord Jesus

And he is restored to himself
And weary no more

And he opens his mouth and laughs out loud
Laughs in sheer delight
Laughs in joy
Lord Jesus Christ
My God
Is it any wonder he is still in love with his children
They make him love them
He has no choice but to love them

The centuries have come and the centuries have gone

And opportunities were presented
And opportunities were squandered

And life was offered
And death was chosen

And the Son was offered
And the snake was chosen

And the centuries have come and the centuries have gone

And yet his children are still able to make him laugh
His children are still able to make him proud

And yes
His children are still able to make him fall in love with them
All over again

And the Lord laughs in sheer delight
In utter joy

Fatigue is completely gone from the equation

He is invigorated; he is youthful; he is joyous

And he knows it
And he laughs out loud

And then finally the Lord extends his arms to his sides
With the palms facing outwards -
And stop the group does
And a silent hush results

The group is looking at the Lord with joyous excitement
In their eyes

    The Lord will speak!
    He has heard their request and he will speak!

And they are joyously silent

    For Jesus Christ is Lord!
    And the Lord will speak!

    To them!

And they are silent
And they are respectfully patient

But the excitement and the joy leap out of their eyes
They cannot contain them
Lord Jesus Christ
Oh my children I love you so!
And the Lord reaches out his arms

And everyone stands up and runs up to him
And each one in turn is embraced by the Lord
And each one in turn receives the Lord’s look of love and joy

The love and the joy of the group increases exponentially
And it rises and it rises and it rises

So far does it rise that God the Father knows of it
And God the Father smiles:

    Yes, they are off to a good start
    These children of his on Terra
    They are off to a good start indeed

And the Father smiles
He extend his arms; his hands face palms downward
And he sends his blessings down to these his children on Terra

For their love and joy please him
And his eyes twinkle in delight
And he blesses them

In joy and in delight he blesses these children
These loving and joyful children of Terra