Terra as Heaven Manifested
Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2005  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
Lord Jesus Christ
My heavenly Father
Please bless this group of your children here
We are a diverse group
But we have a common purpose

We wish Father to make known to you
What our deepest desires for our new home are

We ask you Father that you bless Terra
Our new and beloved planet
With all that we ask for
We ask you that you bless her in abundance

And dear Lord I also ask of you
That you bless these my children
So that they know of what they ask

For what they ask is what they will receive
For you my Father always answer the prayers of your

May they choose wisely
May they choose for the benefit and the health and the joy
Of Terra and all her children

God bless us Father
God bless this session

May it bring us ever closer to my one dream
Terra as Heaven itself manifested!

Yes my Father I dare to dream that high

May these my children who will be creating their Terra
Also dare to dream that high

May oh my God their requests be as high as Heaven itself

I love you my Father
And I know you love my children

Please Father have mercy on us
And inspire us and bless us
Each one of us as we are able
To receive your blessings

Thank you Father
For hearing the prayer of your Son
Thank you Father for answering the prayer of your Son
Thank you Father; thank you

As I have said; so may it be
So help me Father

Amen.  Amen.

And we are all seated in the meditative position
Contemplating our Lord’s prayer

What he has asked for
We are praying that we dare to reach for and ask for
Heaven itself
As he has prayed for us to

We pray to the Father to lift us up and out of our petty
To lift us up to our very highest selves

As high as we can go Father
Lift us up even higher
Place us on your angels’ wings Father and lift us up

So that we may see Heaven
So that we may see your light
So that we may see clearly

And so dear Father we see clearly and know what to ask for
So that what we ask for fulfills your Son’s prayer request
That Terra be Heaven Manifested

Father forgive us, but we don’t remember Heaven
And how can we ask for Heaven
If we don’t remember what Heaven is

Father please bless; grace us
Bestow miracle upon miracle upon us
So that we may see Heaven
So that we may at least each one of us get a glimpse of

Father no one of us needs to see all of Heaven
We are not asking for that, Father

But if we could each one of us get a different glimpse of
Then each one of us could ask for a different aspect of

And from all of us
Would emerge a request for Heaven manifested for Terra

Just as your Son desires so Father
Just as your Son desires so

And Father, forgive us, but so do we
So do we
So do we

We ask you Father, oh so very generous Father
We ask you all these graces
In the name of Jesus the Christ, your Son, and our Lord

Amen.  Amen
Lord Jesus Christ
And now we have our eyes open and are looking at the
And he looks across at Archangel Michael and nods his

Archangel Michael leans forward and picks up the silver
And brings it forward to his lips
And begins playing it like a recorder

And we close our eyes and listen to his haunting melody
And Archangel Michael’s song speaks of the Creation

It speaks of the Original Creation of this Universe
Of how generation after generation of beings were birthed

And how each generation went forth and created
And how each generation created differently

And how marvelous it all was
And how marvelous and glorious with splendor the
universe was
And how happy the universe was

How happy the universe was
How full of joy she was
How happy she was for all of her children
Her heart nearly burst with joy when she contemplated
her children

And we continue listening …
and then what?

And there is a period of silence
And Archangel Michael has the pipe in his lap

And he picks the pipe up again
There are now tears in his eyes
Archangel Michael
Oh Father, that we would return to this joy
Oh Father, that we would return to this joy
Oh Father, I pray that Terra experiences this joy

That her portion of the universe be such
From the moment of her birth
For as long as she lives

That she and Terra and all her inhabitants know only joy

Know only the innocence and the glory and the beauty
Of the Original Creation

Father please birth Terra in innocence
And Father please protect Terra’s innocence

And may she and her portion of the universe and all of her
Be your innocent and joyful children all the days of their

That is my request to you my Father
My Great Creator Father

Father, you who have created the Universe
And again
And again

Please Father create a portion of the Universe
For your Son Jesus and his children

Create this portion Father
So that it is pristine and pure
And its planet Terra a jewel of a planet
Joyful, life-giving, and above all a safe haven
For your innocent children

Grant my request Father
I ask of this Father on behalf of my brother Jesus

Please Father please Father have mercy on him
Have mercy on him
Have mercy on him

And grant him this his one heart’s desire
Grant it to him in the abundance of your generosity
Grant it to him Father exactly as he wants it

So that it may be Heaven Manifested
For all his children who can receive such a gift

I ask you this Father
In the name of my brother Jesus, your Son, their Lord

Lord Jesus Christ
And we are all still

And then Archangel Michael looks up
And Archangel Michael looks around

And oh my God he is looking at me!

And I lower my eyes to the ground for I am not ready
And I feel ashamed of myself
And Archangel Michael keeps turning searching out the

And yes, now I know what to ask for
And there are tears in my eyes
But I look at him the next time his eyes roam my way
And he looks at me and he is still
And I look at him firmly -
I am ready

And he looks at me sternly for a moment
And then satisfied, firmly nods his head and walks towards
And hands the pipe to me
And leans towards my face
And whispers in my ear:  
Speak your Truth!
And he returns to his position and sits down

And I am frightened -
Forgive me, oh God, I will not think
of my fear
And I pick up the pipe
And I take 3 deep breaths of my own to relax myself
And then I put the pipe to my lips and I inhale deeply
My eyes are closed
And I keep the smoke inside of me and allow it to seep out
as it will
When I feel that I am cleared of the smoke
I inhale again as deeply if not deeper for I am hungry for
this air
I am so hungry for this air
I cannot get enough of it
And when I have breathed all I could
I hold my breath
And allow the air, the smoke to course through my being
I follow it
My eyes are closed
And I sense the smoke as it travels throughout my body
Touching a part here; touching a part there
Skipping quickly over one part
Lingering longer over another
Lightly touching one
Deeply touching another
And I follow the smoke and then the smoke has done its
And it seeps out of my body

And now the smoke has done its work on me
And I lift up the pipe a third time
And this time I inhale for Terra
As I inhale I think:

    This is for Terra
    This is for Terra
    This is for Terra

And as I hold my breath
I imagine that Terra is inside of me
And the smoke is blessing Terra
The holy incense blesses Terra and searches Terra out
And fills her with what she needs
And I remain silent with my eyes closed
As I allow the holy incense to bless and feed Terra

And the incense is completely absorbed by Terra
No smoke seeps out of my body
Terra has absorbed it all, all

And I wait in silence
Will Terra remain within me or will she externalize
And I wait for her to make a move

And then I sense that she is waiting for me
She is waiting for my blessing
She is waiting for my prayer request

She is waiting in anticipation

And I pick up the pipe and I, too, play it like a recorder
And the pipe sings a song
And the song is a love song

It is a love song to Terra
It is a love song to the portion of the universe
That Terra will be housed in
It is a love song

And the song sings of the love that will imbue the universe
That Terra is born into

And the song sings of the love that will surround Terra
And the song sings of the love that will compose Terra
That will saturate Terra

For love will saturate Terra, claims my song
Every cell and molecule and atom of the planet and on the
Will be suffused with Love

Love will be in the air that we breathe
Love will be in the water that we drink
Love will be in each blade of grass

Love will surround Terra
Love will saturate Terra
Love will ooze out of Terra

And all who visit the planet
And all who even visit the portion of the universe
Surrounding the planet
Will feel the love of Terra

And the love of Terra is reciprocal

There is love for Terra
And there is the love of Terra

And there is the mutual give and take
And there is the joy, the exultant joy of sharing love
Of exchanging love
Of touching each other’s essence of Love

This Love; this Love; this Love
Is what sets Terra apart from all the other created planets
All the planets below the realms of the gods and goddesses

None have this quality

Not to the extent Terra has
Not to the degree Terra has
Not to the quality Terra has

For Love will be the essence of Terra
Love will exude from Terra

All who reside in it will receive love from Terra
And will joyfully and in abundance return love to Terra
Double measure for each measure received

And Terra will in turn return double measure
For each measure received

And thus as the planet matures, she also grows in love
Her love is greater, in much more abundance
It is deeper. It has even stronger roots
And there is love in abundance
Pressed down and flowing over

And no, Terra does not decay over time

On the contrary she blooms ever more beautiful
Ever more pristine
Ever more joyful

For the love on Terra increases and increases and

With each exchange of love on Terra
The love on Terra increases

And Terra grows ever more beautiful

And yes she grows larger for she must!
To accommodate all the love that she is
All the love that populates her

Grow she must!
And she does!

And this tiny jewel of a planet
That was birthed a beautiful, pristine and pure jewel of a

Has matured into a glorious great presence in the universe
She is grand; she is glorious; she is strong

For her love is everything

Her love is all
Her love conquers all
Her love seduces all

No one is able to resist her
No one is able to deny her

And she grows ever greater in God’s beauty
Ever greater in God’s love
Ever greater in God’s grandeur

And the Lord God is mightily pleased with her

Who would have thought that this little tiny planet
Would have grown into such a majestic, glorious, and
grand presence

And yes the Lord God is mightily pleased with Terra
And with all of Terran life

And because the Lord God is mightily pleased with Terra
He grants her a long life, even for a planet

Terra has a long, long life
And till the end of her days
She continues in her joy and in her love

Love for God continues to saturate her being
Love for life suffuses each cell of Terra
Love for her children brings joy to Terra’s heart

For her children are easy to love indeed
Very easy to love
Lovable are her children

For they have no choice!
What choice do they have!

They are entranced by Terra
They respond to Terra
They are seduced by Terra

And they love Terra
They cannot help themselves

They are in love with Terra
They are in love with each other
They are in love with love

And the Lord God is mightily pleased with this planet
That his Son has created

And the Lord God bestows special favors on this planet
And the Lord God protects this special planet
For yes she is special and to be protected

And the Lord God himself keeps his eye ever upon her
And assigns his mightiest angels to protect her
And protect her they do

And Terra is left undisturbed
Till the end of her days she is left undisturbed

And knows but of Peace
And so she remains in innocence Terra does

For her blessing of Love has brought about
An additional multitude of blessings

And the joy and the love that all of Terra
And all of her inhabitants feel
Is so great that all who even hear tell of her

Sigh in awe and wonder

For Terra is Heaven Manifested indeed