Not All Willing Qualify to be Way-Showers
Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2005  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
And we are all seated in the meditative position
Each with our eyes closed
Each vibrating, clearing, meditating, preparing

This is for Terra, I think.  This is for Terra
And I vibrate and I clear

And now the Lord is standing
He seems to have what looks like worry beads
That he is dangling from his left hand

And he shakes them and he takes a step forward
And he looks around the room; looks at everyone
Some people still have their eyes closed
Others are looking at the Lord

Those whose eyes are open, the Lord stops and looks at
Before continuing on canvassing the room
Jiggling the worry beads
And what do the worry beads signify
I have no idea!
Try darling
With your Spiritual Eye
Tune into your Lord and yes tune into the worry beads
For they do have consciousness
And I see that the beads are brown
There is a cross at the end
It is almost like a form of rosary
But is much shorter
Now the Lord lets the beads dangle from his hands
And yes, it is a rosary
And now he puts the rosary in his pocket
And what does that mean
What is the Lord saying
I would think he is sending the message that even he
The great Lord Jesus Christ prays the rosary
How much more should all of us do as well!
Excellent, continue
And now the Lord walks around the circle
Close to the front of each person
And he stops in front of a person
Somewhere between the 9 & 6 o’clock positions
And he places his hand, palm down, on the top of his head
And what do you think it signifies
Well I would imagine that possibly
My Lord is transmitting his energy
Into the person
Or else blessing the person
Or else praying for the person
Vibrate your third eye
And tune into the Lord’s hand on the person’s head
Do so now, dear
Do not worry and do take your time
Do not expect; do not anticipate; just observe
And if you see nothing
Then nothing is what you report
And that is just fine

But for now tune into the Lord’s hand on the person’s head
He is healing the person
He is sending the person love

And now he caresses the face of this individual
The side of his face
And he places his thumb and forefinger around their chin
And shakes their head from side to side
As if to loosen him up a little

And then he caresses him again
Again on the left side of the face
And then the Lord moves on
There are tears streaming down the face of this individual
His eyes are closed
Good, continue
And the Lord stops in front of Mark
And looks at him
And Mark has his eyes open and looks at the Lord

And Mark is in bliss for he is receiving
He is receiving, receiving, receiving

He is receiving all the love and light that the Lord is
sending him
Mark is receiving

And yes, tears stream down his face as well
Though his eyes remain open
Locked onto the Lord’s

And now the Lord caresses the left side of Mark’s face
And then continues on
Very good
Take your time
Do not hurry it along
Slow down
Slow down
Breathe for me child
And now the Lord is in front of someone
Between the 4 and 5 o’clock position
And hooks his hands under the armpits
And lifts him to a standing position
And the person’s eyes remain closed
Though he is hyper-aware of what is going on

And the Lord blows onto his face
And yes the person’s mouth is opened in the shape of an o
And the Lord blows bursts of his breath into the person’s
And the person receives the breath and swallows it
And exhales through his nose
And this is repeated 3 times
And now the Lord gently seats the individual back down
Look at the individual
What is his face showing
He is glowing; he is vibrating
His vibratory speed has increased due to the Lord’s breath
Is he in tears
No, on the contrary, he is joyful
He is radiant with joy
His face has a rosy glow
His eyes are closed
And he is in bliss
Very good
Take your time dear
Relax dear
You have all afternoon free
And now what does the Lord do
He is in front of Selena
And she looks up at him with tears in her eyes
Her eyes are wide open and are silently beseeching him
What does she want from your Lord
She wants his Love
Are you so sure
Tune in more carefully to Selena
Tune into her
It should be very easy for you to do so
Do so now
She wants to be set free of her self-made hell
She knows all she need do is walk away
Is recreate her world
Is change her thoughts
And yet is unable to do so
The centuries have come and gone
And she has not yet been able to break free
And she looks to the Lord beseechingly, silently thinking
to him
    Set me free my Lord; please my Lord; please!
    Set me free
Does she send him anything else
My Lord I have loved you so
Over the centuries my love for you has remained constant
And yet my Lord and yet – I am in misery
And now she is crying into her hands
And what does the Lord do
He stands before her
He is still
He is waiting
When she has finished crying and has dried her face
He silently sends her the thought

    I have set you free and I have set you free and I
    have set you free
    Time and time again I have set you free
    And yet you Selena insist on returning to your hole
    Insist on retaining your thoughts
    Insist on remaining in your hell

    I can set you free once more
    But what good would it do
    What good would it do
    What good would it do

    You would simply return
    You would simply return
    You would simply return
And now Selena is crying and sobbing out loud
Albeit into her hands
For she knows the truth of his statement
She is ashamed – for her continued return to her hell
And yet she cannot, no she cannot give up hope
She will get out of her hell
And she WILL stay out of her hell
The centuries have come and gone
And she has remained in and continually returned to her
But she has not given up
No she has not
She will do this
For the Lord she will do this
She has to! She must!

And yet, she doesn’t
No, she does not
And the Lord walks away from her

And Selena now sobs quietly into her hands
For she knows the Lord is respecting the choice that she
Despite the words she says

And the whole time
From the moment that we had started meditating
Throughout the Lord’s walk around the circle
The room was utterly still
Other than Selena's sobs, it was complete quiet
The stillness and quietness were absolute
Each was free to be fully absorbed
In their own meditative experience

And now the Lord is standing in front of his position
And he again pulls out his rosary beads
Though he has them looped
So they look shorter and actually look more like worry

And now he is jiggling them again
He looks around the room once more
And then he nods his head in satisfaction
Yes, he performed this task to its completion
He sits down
And now what happens
Again darling close your eyes, do NOT let your mind think
Just close your eyes and report
Oh my!  I would never have expected this
But someone around the 5 o’clock position
Started clapping in rhythm
And one by one
Each person opens their eyes and joins in the clapping
And now we are all doing so
And I can feel the energy waves the clapping generates
It is definitely stirring up the air and energy in the room
And this is a good thing

I look at the Lord
And he is still holding onto his beads with his left hands
The beads are kept in his left pocket of his robe
Just below the waist

The Lords eyes are closed and his focus is inward
He is not clapping
He is absorbing the waves of energy our clapping is
And he is also focused inward – on what I do not know
Tune into him.  Tune in
He is praying to his Father
Lord Jesus Christ
Dear Abba

Please heal these wounded and broken children of mine
Their hearts are eager; their enthusiasm and hope are

But they are bruised, Father
They are bruised
They are not whole; they are not healthy; they are not

And my Father, the work ahead is arduous
And I dare not send them out to perform this work
Unless they are restored to full health

My dear loving Father
These children of mine have been ill for so long
They do not even realize that they are ill
They think they are healthy young men and women

When the truth of the matter, Father
Is that they are hurting, they are grieving
They are sorely wounded
And some of them Father, some of them are quite broken

And they know it not
And they know it not
And they know it not

And my Father, how can I send them out
With them in this condition
It just is not possible
I would be sending them into danger
I would be putting them at risk

No, Father
Each and every one of them must be brought to full health
Before they even begin their training as Way-Showers

And my Father, some of them are quite ill
Though they know it not, they are quite ill
They deny it
They deny it
They deny it
They keep telling themselves that they’ll try harder
Not understanding; failing to comprehend
That forced work never manifests
It runs out of gas; they ultimately fail in exhaustion
And berate themselves for their personal weakness
Not realizing
That they were not equipped for the task in the first place

My Father, my Father
What am I to do with these loving, loyal, eager children
I cannot send them out for it would endanger them
I cannot tell them to return home for it would break their
They are so eager to help
So eager to participate in this great adventure

I would heal them, Father
I would heal them
But that would take time, Father

And the Time is Short
The Time is Short
The Time is Short

My Father truly I am at a loss
Please Father, provide me with guidance
Show me the way, Abba
Show me the way
And what is the Father’s response
Give them another role
Each one you find who is not whole and healthy and
Assign them to the task of preparing Terra

The ones who are in full health
These qualify to be Way-Showers

Give importance to the task of preparing Terra
For the Earthlings who will arrive
Let them know that this is an essential and necessary task
And you may be surprised
To find how willing they are to stay on Terra
For while they may not consciously admit
To their ill state of health
They know, my Son, They know

They know they are tired
They know they hurt
They know they cry and do not know why

You may find that they do not at all balk
At not being sent back to Earth as Way-Showers
Their feeling, even if they never admit it, will be one of

For they are finding Terra
To be much more in harmony with their nature

Terra has already begun the process of healing them
And on some level they feel this
And no, they do not want to return to Earth

They may never admit it – not even to themselves
But truly they are tired
And truly they do not want to return to Earth

Simply assign different tasks to the different individuals
All tasks are given equal importance and value
For all tasks are necessary tasks

And you may find that each is quite happy with their
Lord Jesus Christ
My Father I thank you
Truly my Father your wisdom is great
The solution so simple

Forgive me Father I was too buried in the problem
To see this oh so obvious solution

Thank you Father Thank you

You have taken a weight off of my shoulders
For you are right; each one who is ill
Knows, on some level, that they are struggling

And yes my Father, I daresay they will be relieved
To find that they are not assigned to return to Earth
To gather Earth’s children
To live among Earth’s children once more
And to show them the way to Terra

Yes my Father, you are correct
They will be relieved; they will feel relief and lightness of
They will still be part of this great effort
But will contribute from the safety of Terra

Thank you my Father Thank you
You are most welcome my Son
And I pray that you find enough whole and healthy
Who are fully qualified to return to Earth as Way-Showers
Lord Jesus Christ
Yes Father, that is my prayer as well
Truly Father truly
I will unceasingly pray to find an adequate, dare I say, a
Number of human children who are healthy and sound
In mind, body, and soul
Healthy enough and strong enough to withstand the rigors
Of being Way-Showers

That is my prayer, Father
And I shall pray it daily
Daily shall I pray it

Thank you Abba Thank you
Good luck my Son
I wish for you every success
Keep me posted as to your progress
Lord Jesus Christ
Yes Father
I will remain in constant communication with you Father
Of this you can be sure
Of this you can be sure
And now what happens
The Lord bows his head for a moment
And then takes a deep breath – it would seem for courage

And then his head comes back to vertical
He faces us
And his eyes are happy and optimistic
They show no sign, no sign at all
Of the discouragement he had just spoken of with his

On the contrary
He looks at all about the room with eyes full of confidence
in us
And everyone glows in response

He looks now at Archangel Michael
And again the two exchange a silent communication
And Archangel Michael stands up and announces
Archangel Michael
My dear children we have had a deep and profound
And it is now time for us to return home

Let us meet again tomorrow on Terra
And on Terra, we shall pray for Terra
And everyone applauds
The visit is over
The meeting is adjourned