Wake Up My Children!
Meditations on Terra
Archangel Michael
My dear heavenly Father
We are here gathered together
We have a full quorum today

Please bless us Father
Please Father grant your Son courage and hope
May this full quorum Father
May the full attendance of his children
Give him this much needed courage and hope
And yes the strength to Go On

I ask you this Father
In the name of my brother Jesus
Your Son, humanity’s Lord

Amen.  Amen.  Amen
And now Archangel Michael lowers his head to vertical
And now Lord Jesus Christ raises his head to vertical
And they exchange a look between the two
And what is exchanged is known only to the two

And Archangel Michael embraces Lord Jesus Christ once more
And then goes to his seat

And Jesus has the rosary beads in his left hand
His left hand is in and out of his pocket
The rosary beads always in his left hand
And he walks about the circle
And he looks at one and then another as he so walks

And yes one senses weariness, one senses discouragement
One senses fatigue
One could almost say his nerves are on edge
For truly he had been waiting a long time for these
And they have not yet, no a year has come and a year has
And these meditations have not yet taken flight

    Oh God how can he stand it
    How much longer must he wait

And he searches the individuals of the circle out
Yes they are willing; yes they are weak
His human children are willing; his human children are weak
And the burden lies heavy on the Lord’s heart
It is too heavy; it is almost oppressive

And now his Mother stands up
And she goes to her Son
And she murmurs words to him
And he looks at her intently
Intense is his gaze on her as she speaks to him
And what is spoken between them
Is known only to them

And the Lord’s Mother returns to her seat

And yes the Lord is lighter of heart
He is jauntier of spirit
His Mother’s words have had their effect

He smiles at us
He smiles at us his children
Lord Jesus Christ
My dear children
Thank you all for attending my humble meeting

Thank you all for agreeing to participating in this my greatest
The creation of Terra

As I have told you my children
I cannot do it alone

You create your own reality
You will create your own Terra

As you create Terra
So will Terra be

My request to you my children
Is that you create the Terra of your dreams
That you create the Terra of my dreams

And I will tell you my dream for Terra, my children
I will tell you my dream for Terra
And then you my dear children
Are free, you are free, per my Father’s edict
You are free to create as you will

But please my children
Allow me to communicate to you
What I see as your highest reality
The reality that will take you my dear sweet children
From where you are
Until finally, finally, finally
You are true children of the realm
Frightened and enslaved no longer
Scurrying about this way and that no longer
Killing each other no longer

No!  No!  No!

Let us together create for you a home
A home so that you, each and everyone of you
Come to know yourselves as you ARE
Children of the one true God
Beloved and secure children of the one true God
Children who are cared for, and watched over by
The God who dearly loves and aches for his children
Whose heart aches with longing for his children
A God, the God who would see his children free
Who would see his children happy
Who would see his children come into their own

My dear children, my dear children it is not magic
God nor I will wave a magic wand
And create a planet, a home for you
No my children it is not magic

It is hard work
It takes energy, it takes time, it takes intense focus
And yes, most of all my children
Most of all it takes persistence

We must meet more regularly for our meetings to be effective
We must meet regularly
Or truly we might as well throw in the towel

My children I beg of you
Develop now the qualities of perseverance, of persistence,
Of patience
Do so now
Demonstrate these qualities now
Even as you create your next home
Your next reality
Your next plane of existence

It will be as beautiful or as dreary as you make it

Choose well my children
Choose what will uplift your soul, your heart, your spirit
Choose what will put a song in your heart
A spring in your step
Choose what will elevate you
So that you creep on the ground
In fear and mistrust no longer

But rather see the heavens
See the beauty and the glory and the love
Yes the tremendous love that is all about you
The love that loves you so
The love that aches to help you
The love that aches to set you free
To see you come into your own
As sons and daughters of the realm
Fearful slaves no longer

My children choose what will set you free
My children choose what will allow you to mature
From frightened and irresponsible children
To secure, trusting, and responsible adults
Mature adults
Adults calmly owning their responsibility
Calmly and with clear eyes owning their own reality

My dear children
It is now time
It is now past time
For you to mature

I ask you my dear ones
To drop your fears

I ask you my dear ones
To drop your magical thinking of me and my Father
No we will not like some genie
Nod our heads and make it all right for you

It is you my dear ones who create your reality
You cannot do it without us
You cannot so much as breathe without us breathing you

And yet it is no contradiction to say
That you must also do your part
With us to strengthen and to guide you in this as in all things

It is you who are out in manifestation
It is you who manifest

And we my dear ones can only watch
We can help as you request us to
We can help only as you request us to

But it is you my children who are out there
It is you my children who manifest
And it is you my children who choose your manifestation

Choose well, choose well, choose well

And what my dear ones do I mean
By choosing well

It is very simple

What brings you closer to Life Everlasting
What brings you closer and into Eternal Life
What brings you closer and into Love
Yea what brings you Joy

Note my children I did not say what brings you pleasure
Note my children I did not say what bring you leisure
Note my children I did not say what brings you ease
For these are temporary
They are not real
They die
Their effect wear off
They grow old
They grow boring
They lead to dullness

And I would my children lead you to Life
To Life Eternal, to Life Everlasting
To Life Joyous, to Life lived in the Love of the Father
Your Father who loves you so
Though you know it not
Even now my dear ones; even now, you know it not
And it breaks my heart, truly it breaks my heart
To see how little you know of my Father’s love for you

My children, he has given you me, his Son
My children, he has given you Mary, his Mother
My children, he has charged his angels to watch over you
To guide you in all things
To protect you
And this they will do and more
If you only let them
If you would only but give them the nod

My dear children, open up your eyes
And see the glorious spiritual reality that surrounds you
Yea that you live in!

Yes my children you live in the same spiritual reality
That my saints and my angels do
Yet you know it not

And that my dear children is the primary difference
Between you and the great ones

They see
You see not

They love
You fear

They trust
You fearfully guard what is ‘yours’

They see the true spiritual reality that they inhabit
You my dear ones see the illusory reality that your mind has
You my dear children, forgive me, forgive me
But you see the illusion that the snake has projected into your
And you have allowed him to
You have allowed him to
You have allowed him to

My dear children
I know not what words to tell you






And yes in silence
And yes turn within
Do not my children fear being alone
Do not fear the silence
Do not fear the solitude of your silence

For it is in your silence
It is in your solitude
That you will find yourselves
That you will find your truth
That you will find Eternal Life

Life as my Father has always intended for you
A gift my children, a gift

A gift from a loving Father to his beloved children
This is and always has been
What Life was supposed to be

And yet my poor suffering children
You have been deceived
You know it not
And experience Life as a hairshirt

And some of you reject the hairshirt
And rightly so
But you turn, not knowing where else to turn
You turn to hedonism, you turn to materialism, you turn to lies
And they do not last, these pleasures do they
No they do not last

That initial rush
That initial burst of freedom
Yea freedom from the hairshirt
Is eventually, yes it may take decades
But is eventually transformed into a shirt of steel
As you find yourself entrapped, weary to the bone
Fatigued and old, old, old
Weary beyond measure are you
Hopeless are you
And know no longer where to turn

You are not interested in the hairshirt and I do not blame you
for that
My Father’s gift of Life was meant to be received and
With joy
Those who don the hairshirt insult their loving Father
Insult the love of their Father
For what loving Father places a hairshirt on his beloved child
What loving Father gives his child a gift
That the child must endure, must suffer through
What manner of gift is this

And yet instead of turning to the truth of my Father
Instead of turning to the truth of his gift to you
You instead reject him
Reject what you think he is
Reject what you think he demands of you
Not ever bothering to ask him for yourself
Not bothering to speak to him and with him
And discover for yourselves just who your Father is
And what he would do for you
And what he so longs for you to have and to experience and to
You do not ask him
No you do not
You think you know
You think you already know

Know that you have been deceived
Greatly deceived
Know that you have been lied to
Know that you have been imprinted with these lies
Know that this has been done
With the specific intent of leading you down the primrose path
To your death, to your death, to your death

My children I ask you
To open your eyes

My children I ask you
To discard the lies

My children I ask you
To discover for yourselves the truth of who my Father and
yours is
I ask you to discover for yourselves
What my Father’s gift to you of Life is

And I ask you to discover for yourselves
To see for yourselves
The glorious and magnificent reality that you inhabit

Wake up my children wake up
Wake up please my dear ones wake up

I know not how much longer I can stand
To see you suffer in your self-created hell

And you suffer; do not pretend to yourselves that you do not
You suffer, you suffer, you suffer

You distract yourselves
You anesthetize yourselves
Or you bury yourselves in work and in duty and in your
Thinking to buy your salvation
Not understanding that your salvation is sitting right in front
of you
Simply waiting for you to claim it

Claim your salvation
Claim your life
Claim your freedom
Yea, dare to claim your joy

My dear ones contemplate my words
Contemplate them in the solitude of your room
Contemplate them in the solitude of your own inner silence
Allow my words to sink into your being
Allow yourself to reverberate to them

And then my dear ones, choose
Yes you are free to choose
But at least my children choose in knowledge

If you choose for the snake
At least know that that is what you are choosing for

For you are now choosing for the snake but know it not
You are doing so blindingly and in helpless ignorance

Wake up!  Wake up!  Wake up!
Learn.  Know.  Understand

Do not be naïve my children
Do not expect me to wave a magic wand
And save you from your own self-created reality

Do not expect to choose one thing
And experience another

What you choose is what you shall experience

And my dear confused, forgive me my children
But you are so confused, you are as a child
Who has been spun round and round and round
And then dropped off in the middle of nowhere
And you know not your bearings
You know not which way is north
You know not where you stand
You know not even to stand
You know not even to stand
You know not even to stand

My dear children, we in Heaven weep for you
Do not mock us when we do so

We weep for you
We weep for you
We weep for you and for your children

And my dear ones, if you could see, you would weep as well
And then my dear ones, once your tears have been spent
You would perhaps look around you
And choose differently

I ask you my loved ones
Wake up
Open your eyes!
See what is there to be seen
And yes in full knowing, in full clarity, in full free will
Decide for yourselves the reality that you want to experience

In full knowledge and in full freedom

And my dear ones, the choice is basic
The choice is stark
The choice is as black and white

The choice being presented to you my dear ones
Forgive me, forgive me, forgive me

But the choice you are being presented with
Is the choice for death or the choice for Life

And understand, that on your plane
If you choose to not choose
Then you are choosing for death
Your death
Your children’s death
Your planet’s, that is your home’s death

It is your decision my children

You have the right to make your decision
In full knowledge, in full awareness
Of the consequences of your decision

You have the right my children
To make your decision
Knowing exactly what the consequence of your decision is

Wake up my children
Open your eyes my children
Look around you and see what is
Look around you and see what is not

When you have understood
When you have knowledge, yea knowledge of good and of evil
Then my dear children
Then and only then are you free to choose

Until then you are as sheep being led to the slaughter
And know, know, know beyond the shadow of any doubt
That your current times on your plane
That is exactly what is happening
Humanity is as sheep being led to the slaughter

I would my dear ones
That you wake up and decide for yourselves
If you wish to be slaughtered or not

If you do, it is your choice, and will be respected

If you do not, you are free to choose otherwise
And all of Heaven itself is here ready, willing, and eager
To help you choose for Life, for Life Eternal, for Life Everlasting

God bless you my children
God bless you my dear beloved confused children

I love you
I love you
I love you

Your Lord and Savior
Jesus the Christ
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Copyright  2005  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved