Terra Touches Us
Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2005  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
And all are sitting in the meditative position
With their eyes closed

And at first we are stilling ourselves
And at first we are clearing ourselves
So that we are clear and pure channels
Of God’s light and love and blessings
So that we may receive
What the Lord so ardently wants us to receive

And a great Peace descends over the group
Yes its presence is palpable
And everyone relaxes into a deeper state of relaxation
And stillness and Peace

Yea the quietness is also a palpable presence
The quietness and the stillness can be heard!
And we bliss out into this Peace, yes we do
And we luxuriate in it
And no we do not want to leave it
No we do not want to step out of it
And so we remain
In silent and calm bliss we remain
In love we remain
In peaceful joy we remain
And it is a shared communal feeling that we experience
For the Spirit has descended upon us individually
And upon the group as a whole

And our feelings are shared, are communal, are one
We are together, we are united in our joint bliss

And yes we have eaten and are satisfied

And now the Lord Jesus has stood up
He is again playing with his rosary beads in his left hand
And his eyes dart around the group
He is assessing us
He is measuring us
He is wondering how far he can take us
How far can we go

And then he nods his head
He has made a decision
And he nods his head to Archangel Michael
Who has heard the Lord’s decision
And decisively stands up

The great Archangel Michael
Stands up in the middle of the circle
And Lord Jesus returns to his seat
And prays
Silently he prays
To his Father he prays

And Archangel Michael stands in the center of the circle
In stillness
In a position to receive his Father’s blessings

The Lord Jesus is praying for the Father’s blessings
Upon Archangel Michael
That Archangel Michael may effectively lead us
Take us as far as we can go may Archangel Michael take us

And Archangel Michael stands still for a long moment
Receiving his Father’s blessing

And then he opens his eyes
And his eyes are sharp, they are bright, they are alert
He is ready!
Archangel Michael
Dear children, good morning to each and everyone of you
Thank you each and all for attending our humble session
May your presence grace and bless Terra
May your prayers do the same

God bless you my children
God bless you for your faithfulness
God bless you for your perseverance

Thank you my children for showing up
Thank you my children for showing up
Thank you my children for showing up

And now my dear ones
Let us together sing Terra into being
Let us together sing of our love to Terra
And we are silent as Archangel Michael returns to his seat
And we all close our eyes
We are still in the meditative position

And then a humming, low and soft begins from the group
Gentle is this humming, delicate and light it is
An appropriate hum for the young and innocent planet of

And our humming greets Terra
We are greeting Terra
We are saying Hello to her

We are introducing ourselves to her
We are telling her why we are here
We are telling her how we are looking forward to her birth
We are telling her how pleased we are for her
And yes for ourselves as well
For we are hoping for the privilege to live with her
If she will so permit us

We thank her for allowing us to visit with her now
For allowing us to meet on her shore

And she gurgles in response
She sends us a light breeze in response
She welcomes us with her response

And yes the joyful sound of the ocean shore
And yes the delightful feel of the fresh ocean breeze
That touches us, that ruffles our hair, that caresses our
Inform us of Terra’s joy in seeing us

Yes she welcomes us
She is glad to greet us
She is glad of our presence with her
Yes she is glad

We feel her delight in  us
We feel her gentle and young and exploratory love for us

She is discovering us
She is sensing us out

Who are we
Who are we
Who are we, these human children
Who may one day, who knows
Who may one day be her very own human children
Who are we

And we remain still and we clear ourselves out
And allow Terra to search us out
Allow Terra to enter us and to touch us
And to know who we are
And as she does so
We feel her touch
We feel her gentle touch upon us

And it is as a fresh, light springtime breeze
And we relax and allow ourselves to be touched by Terra
And she explores us
And we feel her touch as a soft breeze that enters us
And explores our bodies
Touching us here, touching us there
Lightly caressing here, lingering more closely there
Getting to know us, getting to know us, getting to know us

And Terra has tasted of us and she is satisfied
Yes she is pleased with us
We will do
Yes we are welcome upon her shore
Yes we are welcome to visit with her

She will gladly receive us
In joy and in delight she will receive us
For she senses the holy presences among us

Yes for not only has she touched us her human children
She has also touched Archangel Michael, the Lord Jesus
And his Mother Mary

And if Terra had any doubt, any reservation
Touching these great ones
Has removed them all
She is now safe
She knows she is safe
Yes we are welcome upon her planet
Yes we are
And now Terra relaxes

We continue to sit in meditative silence
Contemplating Terra’s touch
She is touching us no longer
But just as her touch had told her who we are
So her touch has told us who she is
And we are contemplating what we have learned from her
We are contemplating our experience of her
How she felt to us
Each one of us in silence
Contemplates the experience
Feels the effect the experience has had on our body
How our body now feels slightly different
Than it did before Terra touched us

And oh my, we have been loved!
Terra has touched us with her love
And it feels oh so good to be so loved
It feels so good!

And there are one or two or three among us
Who now have tears seeping out of their eyes
For yes they had been lonely
And Terra’s loving touch filled a real need on their part
And they drink her love in
Like a thirsty man in the desert
They drink in the love that she has blessed them with

We all do
We are all freshened by her touch
And yes we are youthened, we are renewed
We are, dear God in heaven, we are cleansed
We feel ourselves to be more clean, more pure

Has Terra washed our sins, our guilt, our wounds away?
We wonder at this
And sense ourselves out anew
We self-scan
No we still are who we are

It is Terra’s purity that we have sensed
And yes her purity has touched us
And yes her purity has affected us

And yes how we long to be so pure, so clean, so fresh
And yes so innocent even as we are wise
And the longing grows in our heart
Yea we would be as Terra is!
We would be as Terra is
We would be true children of Terra
And to be true children of Terra
We would be as Terra is

And now Archangel Michael rises
And goes to the center of the circle
Archangel Michael
My dear children
Do you now see the need for us to meet here regularly

For it is not only we who are birthing Terra
But Terra is also birthing you
Birthing you into her very own true children

For yes, you cannot simply move to Terra
One does not remain an Earthling and live on Terra


For the Earthlings would corrupt Terra
Until she devolved into Earth

And my dear ones, what would be the point of that

Yes we are birthing Terra
And yes my children, Terra is birthing you

Allow her to
Allow her to
Allow her to

Allow her to transform you
From mere Earthlings
Into true children of Terra!

Till next time my children
Till next time on Terra!