The Great Shakeup
Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2006  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
And now the Lord bids me to stand up
And we all, as a loosely joint group
Follow the Lord

He is leading us inward
Away from the campsite
Away from the shoreline
And yes in, further in to Terra
And we amble
And he casually speaks as we walk
The conversation is loose, is rambling, and disjointed
It is casual conversation among friends and acquaintances
The bonding process continues

And we have climbed up over the sandy hill
That demarcates the end of the beach
We are no longer on the beach proper
We now see wild grasses
And the Lord looks back to make sure we are all with him
Yes we all are
A loosely held group we are
Not in tight formation are we
We are loose and the individuals move about within the
Speaking to one person and then moving about
To speak with another
There seems to be a natural flow, a current of movement
Of people within the group
As the individuals acquaint themselves with each other
And yes, remark upon what they are seeing
Remark to each other what they see
What they think of what they are seeing
As we walk further inland into Terra

And now we face an open grassy field
And oh my yes
It is similar to the grassy field
That the Earthlings would gather
And levitate into the spaceships
That rescued them from Earth

And all of a sudden I know
That the Earthlings headed for Terra arrive here
Here at this grassy field the spaceship brought them
Here they disembark
It is here that they arrive when they arrive on Terra

And yes the scene is similar
The open grassy field
The forest surrounding it

The grassy field on Terra is larger, more open
The trees further out
And no, not so dense are they

There is more open air, more open sky here
But the similarity between the two
The grassy field on Earth
And the grassy field on Terra
Is striking

And the Lord has us walk to the center of the grassy field
We stand in the center
And turn around in place 360 degrees
To see all there is to see around us from this vantage point

And yes there are the trees to the right and left of us
And the beach in front of us
And behind us there is another hill

Similar to the hill that demarcated the end of the beach
Only this hill is darker
And I do not know what lies beyond it

And the Lord calls for our attention
Lord Jesus Christ
My dear ones
It is from here
That you will greet your fellow Earthlings

The ones who qualify for Terra

The ones who come here willingly
The ones who are dragged here kicking and screaming
The ones who are rendered unconscious in order for us to
rescue them

All these who via their life, via their souls, via their pureness
of heart
Have demonstrated to the Father
That they are worthy of Terra
Shall be brought here

And you my dear children shall greet them
You shall meet them and greet them
And reassure them

For they shall be frightened
Of the unknown, humanity is frightened

Note the effort we have made
To bring them to a scene so similar to the one they have left

We have spared, we will spare no effort
To reduce their fear, to calm their fear
To assure them that they are in benevolent hands
And are being cared for
Yea, are being rescued from the snake and its minions

My dear ones, we shall need your help
All hands my children are needed on deck

For there is much going on in the Universe
It is not only Earth who is moving
It is not only Earth who is setting herself free
The whole of the Universe itself is undergoing The Great

And my Father’s angels are busy. Quite busy

This is an intense time my children
As below, so above

You have your Coming Times
We have The Great Shakeup

The whole universe my children is moving
The planets are moving
Their relationship to each other will change
All will change; all will change; all will change

And why my dear children am I telling you this

You who are concerned only with Earth and Terra
Why need you know of the affairs of the Universe

My children I am telling you this
So that you understand why you are so needed

For truly my Father’s angels will have their hands full
Fully occupied will they be with the affairs of the universe
With the intense and profound changes the universe
And will not be as free to dedicate themselves to Earth
And to the children of Earth

And you my children
Will feel - "Just when we needed you most"

Yes my children
Just when you need the Father’s angels the most
They will be preoccupied

It is not that they are or will abandon you
It is just that they will have their hands full
Fully occupied they will be
Attending to the matters of the Universe

And why am I telling you this my children

You know why
You know why
You know why

Who of you, which one of you, cares to, dares to
Explain to us
Why I have told you of The Great Shakeup
And how busy my Father’s angels shall be
My Lord
It will be up to us
Up to your Way-Showers
To pick up the slack, as it were

To do what the angels are too busy to do
To minister unto the children of Earth

To comfort them and to reassure them
And to teach them to adjust to our new planet

To teach them, gradually, gently, allow for them
To understand what has happened

Each at his or her own pace

For truly many of them will have chosen to ‘forget’
The spaceship ride
And will simply see themselves on the same grassy field on

They will not at first acknowledge to themselves
That they have left Earth
They will not admit to themselves that anything has changed
Lord Jesus Christ
And my dear one
How will you communicate with those in denial
My Lord, as gently as possible
Nothing shall be forced upon them
They shall each and every one
Be allowed to come to realization
To awaken
At their own pace
When they are ready
When they feel safe enough to
Lord Jesus Christ
Yes my child
You have the correct word

My children, above all, need to feel safe
And it is you my dear ones
Who are charged with welcoming them

You who look so much like them will not threaten them
Will not frighten them, will not overwhelm them

Here it is my dear ones
On this sunlit grassy field
That you shall meet, greet, and welcome
Your fellow brothers and sisters
Who arrive from Earth

Here it is, on this sunlit, grassy field
That they shall disembark
And you will need to respond appropriately to each one

For some will have maintained conscious awareness
And yes, even eagerness and delight
Throughout the journey
And will be ready for you to speak to them
Of their new home

And others my dear ones
Will have slept throughout the entire journey
And will awake to find themselves, they will tell themselves
On the same sunlit grassy field of Earth
They will believe themselves still to be on Earth
And must be treated with extreme delicacy
With gentleness, with finesse

For we do not wish to frighten any one
We do not wish to frighten them into insanity
We do not wish to frighten them at all

No matter if it means delay

We have eternity my children

Once they are safe on Terra
Once they are free and safe from the clutches of the snake
Then all of a sudden, Time Is No Longer Short
And you now have all the time in the world

All the time necessary
For these my frightened children
To gently gradually slowly comprehend
Just what it is that has happened

For it is no small thing to have left one’s planet
No it is not
No it is not

Remember this my children
You who are now being prepared
You who are currently undergoing training and preparation
For the major changes ahead

Yea for The Coming Times
Yea for The Gift of Right Location
Yea for The Migration to Terra

You who are now being prepared
Must be gentle with your brothers and sisters

Who did not see the signs
Who were too busy to see the signs
Who were too frightened to understand the signs they saw
Who were too confused by the signs

Who were left feeling helpless by the signs
And did not know to ask God what to do in response

All of these children
Each and every one of them
Must be treated for the individuals they are

Their needs will be different and as unique as they are
Your approach to them must correspond

Be gentle with them
Be patient with them
Be kind

Be kind
Be kind
Be kind

And thus they will feel safe
And thus they will relax
And thus they will allow their self-constructed defenses to

And thus will understanding come
And thus will they allow their eyes to open
And thus will they slowly but surely see the truth
Of their new home

And thus finally, finally, finally
They will realize, recognize, and yea
Ultimately rejoice and marvel
At the gift God has bestowed upon them

The great privilege of living on Terra

The greatest privilege an unascended human can achieve
The greatest privilege for a mortal human
The best, most beautiful home of all