Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2006  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
Dear Heavenly Father
We are again gathered here today
To speak of our dreams for our new home

May we tell you of all our dreams
May we miss not a thing
May there not be a hole in our requirements
May we think of everything that we need
And yes, even everything that we want

May we think of it all, all, all
And request the planet, the home
Of our dreams
Of our greatest dreams

We ask you this Father
In the name of your Son and our Lord
Jesus the Christ

Amen.  Amen.  Amen
And now their eyes are open; their heads vertical
Their hands still joined

There is a gleam in their eyes
They are happy; they are excited
Yes, they are ready to begin!

And a rhythmic applause breaks out
As Archangel Michael moves around the circle
Seeking this person’s eyes out and then another’s

And finally he stops and it is a woman
She is a little older than most of the Way-Showers
She is in her mid-forties

Archangel Michael returns to his spot
The rhythmic applause continues
It is in support of this woman
It is to give her courage
To give her the strength and the energy she needs
To go in and find and speak her truth

And the woman absorbs the sound waves
She absorbs the energy and the qualities of the sound
Its encouragement, its approval, its affirmation of her

She absorbs all this
And when she is satisfied
She puts the peace pipe to her lips
And begins playing

The applause of course immediately stops
And all sit down to listen to this woman’s song

And it is surprisingly enough a sad song
There is a plaintive note
It is quiet and still, almost subdued

There is almost a note of resignation, of defeat
Not quite the note of despair nor the note of hopelessness

But one hears the song of someone
Who has seen and experienced
Great and profound disappointment, yea grief

And we all listen to her song
We continue listening
And she asks for relief
Yea she asks for comfort

She asks that when those on Terra mourn
They are not left to mourn alone
They are not left to pretend that all is fine
When they feel as though the whole world should stop
Should stop and recognize the enormity of the shock
And of the grief, yeah of the unbelievable trauma
That the person has undergone

She speaks of her experience on Earth
Yes she had lost her son
Her little boy
And how devastated she was
And how stunned she was
How surreal it was for her
To see the rest of the world
Continue about their day
As though nothing had changed
As though her world had not come to an end
As though they were completely ignorant
And yes completely indifferent
To this incomprehensible event in her life
The loss of her son in his early childhood

The world had gone on
Unnoticing the world had gone on
Even her fellows at work had gone on
Oh yes a few had sent cards and flowers
But most when they met her in the hallway
Had averted their eyes and mumbled words of discomfort, of
They had not known what to do
They did not know what to do
And so were extremely uncomfortable
And would just as soon not have seen the woman at all
And so not have to deal with
The great grief she had experienced

And so not only had she lost her son at such a young age
But she had been left alone
Alone, isolated, bereft
With no one to turn to
No, not a one

No one knew how to communicate with her
Such things were not talked about
They were swept under the rug
And life continued

Without missing a beat, life continued
My dear Father

I do not know what life will be like on Terra
Perhaps what I am about to request will be not applicable

Perhaps such things as losing one’s young son to death
Will simply not happen on Terra

But please Father
Should such things occasionally happen

Please Father
Can humanity on Terra
Can society on Terra
Be structured such
Be taught so that they know how to stop for a moment
And recognize the importance, the magnitude
Of what has happened

Yes it might not matter much in the great worldwide scheme of
But to the individual involved, it is the end of the world as they
know it
They will never be the same
And they know that too
They know that their life has been irrevocably changed
And for the worse
So much so, that it is painful to continue living
Certainly at first

And forgive me Father
But the grief, though it does not remain as sharp
It continues, it continues, it continues

Forgive me Father if this enduring grief is a sign of a lack of Faith
Or is simply the way a mother is built

And there are so many different occasions
So many different scenarios on Earth
Where this type of dramatic, life-changing event occurs

And the rest of the world continues
Does not give pause
Does not slow down
Does not even seem to know, no not seem to care

On the contrary it seems to be annoyed by the people affected
"Do not bother us" they say
"You disturb us" they say
"Get over it already" they say

Or at least they think these things
And their thoughts come through loud and clear

And the person is left not only suffering, not only grieving
But alone, isolated, disconnected from the rest of humanity
Feeling truly alone
Deeply and profoundly alone
As they had never before felt
Never imagined that they could have felt

Again Father I am told that Terra will be Heaven on Earth
I am not sure exactly what it will mean
But Father if there is grief
If there is suffering
If there is shock and trauma

Can the person enduring this
Be allowed to turn to his neighbor, to his fellows
And find recognition of what he has just undergone

Can he find that the world takes a moment
To pause and pray
And recognize the enormity of what has happened
Even if the enormity is only for the persons involved

Can the rest of humanity show its humanity
Show that it cares
Show that it recognizes the deep grief, the loss, the pain
That the individual is currently undergoing

For truly Father, the isolation I felt
The utter and complete aloneness
Truly I do believe has caused me much harm
Almost as much as the harm caused
By the loss of my beloved son

I had not known I had been so alone
And forgive me Father
But human relations for me have never been the same since
For I have always remembered this
And I have always known
That people only want you around when you are smiling
And so I try very hard Father to smile
But truly the harder I try
The less authentic the smile
The greater my sadness, my despair, my isolation
Yes my alienation

I have, forgive me Father, never forgotten how alone
I was left at the death of my son

I have forgiven you Father
For taking my son away from me before I was ready

But forgive me Father
I have not forgotten my friends and colleagues’ reaction
Their stance toward me
Their extreme discomfort around me
Their not wanting to be around me
Until the period of apparent grief had completed

And yes then they were ready to smile at me once more
Then it was back to
"Hi! How’re you doing!" once more

And I was left with such a feeling of disconnectedness
Such a feeling that it was all a show
A meaningless show
Friendliness with no depth, no reality behind it
Superficial, superficial, superficial

Again Father my request may be inapplicable
Depending on how fully Terra is Heaven manifested

My request to you Father
Is that if and when there are occasions of grief
No matter the form it takes

That Terra herself stands still for a moment
To recognize the enormity of what has happened
To the individuals concerned

That Terrans themselves stand still for a moment
To do the same

And then afterward that Terrans are comfortable enough
Have the skills Father
That they are taught the skills necessary
To be able to face grief squarely in the eye
To be able to look at the grieving person in the eye
And show their empathy
Show them that they care

Yes there may be nothing they can do about what has happened
But they care
They care
They care
And yes they want you to know that they care
And yes they know how to show you that they care
And yes they are there for you
Should you merely want their company
So that you are not alone for another long, sleepless night
Yes they will show up at your doorstep
You need only ask
And they will be there
Yes with hot chocolate and marshmallows and a warm blanket
And their comforting presence
Their presence
Their presence

So that the pain of the grief
Is recognized, assuaged, allowed Father to express itself

For truly to have it unrecognized
To be forced to bury it
To be told to get on with your life already
"Get over it already"
"He’s in Heaven now; why are you grieving"
While your grief cuts through you like a knife
Truly Father that is adding insult to injury
And at such a vulnerable time

Forgive me Father forgive me
But I have never gotten over it
My relationships to my fellow humans
While superficially the same
Is fundamentally different
I am cold, I am cynical, I forgive me Father
I am indifferent, yea almost bitter

And it is funny Father
Perhaps I am transferring here
But the pain of my fellows’ indifference
Their inability to empathize
Has stayed with me to this day
In a way the grief over my son’s death has not

I have healed from the grief over my son’s death
For you were there for me Father
You were there for me when no one else was
You were there
You comforted me
And you got me through this
And I thank you Father
Forgive me if I have never thanked you before
But I thank you now Father
Truly I do not know how I could have survived
Without you by my side
Acknowledging my grief, offering your comfort, being present

I have forgiven you
I have taken comfort in you
And yes, thanks to you, I have healed
I have healed
Though I still do not go a day without remembering my son
I have healed

But the isolation I feel from my fellows has not healed
It does not show
They know of it not

They know of it not
And my sense of alienation only increases
How little they know me
These friends of mine

Forgive me Father I have rambled
I have spoken a long time
I have expressed myself
Thank you Father for providing me with this forum
To express myself

My request to you Father
Is that if there is grief and sorrow on Terra

That Terra and all on her
Know how to recognize, acknowledge
Face this grief and sorrow
And yes that they know how
And that they are willing
To be there for the person in grief
To comfort them simply with their silent presence
With their quiet empathy

That they know how Father
That they are taught how Father
And that they are loving and caring enough to do so

That my Father is my request for Terra

I thank you Father for listening to me
I thank you Father for hearing me
I thank you Father for all the times throughout my life
When you were there for me

I love you Father
I love you
And please, I would return to the state
Of loving my fellow humans

I ask all of this Father
In the name of Jesus Christ
Your Son, my Lord
Amen.  Amen.  Amen.