The Best of Both Worlds
Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2006  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
And we are watching our fellows as they mingle and
Lord Jesus Christ
Do you see how easily they chat among one another

They who on Earth, some of them would be mortal enemies
Just because the snake has so polluted humanity
That in their collective insanity
They feel that they must, yes they must! hate each other

Yet here on Terra
Free from the snake’s influence
Sanity reigns
Reason reigns
Love is the law of the land

And my children are free
Free to mingle and converse freely
With anyone and with everyone

No, no one is forbidden to another
Each is acceptable and welcome by all

Thank God!
Thank God!

This shall be one of the fundamental blessings of Terra

Freedom from the snake
And freedom from all the myriad symptoms
The collective group of symptoms
That the snake had wrought upon the Earth

Thank God!
Thank God!

Humanity is given a fresh start here on Terra!
Humanity is being given an honest start here on Terra!

Should humanity fail
It is because humanity shall in full knowledge
And yes in full malice aforethought
Choose to fail

But it is only the pure of heart who will enter Terra
So my hope is great
High is my hope
Greatly do I dare to hope

Only the pure of heart shall live on Terra!
Free of the snake and its influence shall they live on Terra!
Receiving the beneficial influence of Terra herself shall
they live

Humanity shall have a fighting chance
Humanity shall have an honest chance
Yes, humanity shall have a high probability of succeeding
on Terra!

And my hope is great
And my hope is high
And my spirit is lightened as I look upon these my children
Who know not to distinguish between themselves
Who know not to label and categorize and divide
Who are transparent to superficial differences
Such as locale of birth or of parentage
Such insignificant differences!

And yet look at the harm that has been caused upon Earth
Based on such insignificant differences
Hardly worthy even of being called excuses to war are they
So clearly are they manufactured by the snake
So clearly are they the thought influence of the snake upon
And humanity on Earth receives this influence
Is so influenced
In its sleep does not even realize it is influenced
And acts out like puppets, marionettes on a string
A string cleverly pulled by the invisible snakes

Acts out and hates and slaughters his brother
In his collective insanity, he does so
In his mindlessness, he does so
In his sleep, he does so

Here on Terra!
Humanity shall be awake!
Awake humanity shall be

There shall be no torporific effects upon the human race
Nothing placed in the food
Nothing blared over the airwaves
Nothing sent out into the collective unconscious
And yes nothing sent out into the collective consciousness

Humanity shall be free!
Humanity shall be awake!

Humanity shall above all be human

For truly I fear for humanity on Earth
Truly do I fear
I fear its devolution
Its devolvement
Its not so slow but steady and gradual
Descent into demons

God forgive me
God forgive me

Can I truly stand by and watch and not interfere unless
they ask

But they do not ask
In their pride
In their arrogance
In their confusion
They do not ask
And I am left helpless

I their Savior and their Lord
Am left helpless
How can I bear it!

Truly how can I bear it

And my consolation
My solace
Upon where I turn my attention
When I truly cannot bear it any longer
Is Terra!

God bless Terra!
Yes and God keep Terra for humanity and for humanity

And yes
God bless and keep Terra for those of my human children
Who are pure of heart

And only those who are pure of heart shall incarnate on

And as more of my children
As the ages progress
As ever more of my human children
Each on their various Earths
Progress until they too finally become pure of heart

Then they too shall be allowed the great privilege
Of incarnating on Terra!

And truly, truly, truly
Terra shall be for each one of these children
Heaven on Earth
Heaven on Earth shall Terra be
Heaven on Earth shall Terra be and be perceived
And be experienced by my children

Those who are blessed to live on Earths
That allow them to progress
That allow them to evolve and not devolve
Yes those who are able to finally, finally, finally
Reach purity of heart

They shall then qualify for Terra
And on Terra they shall incarnate
And experience for themselves
Heaven on Earth

And this shall be their reward
This shall be the fruit of their efforts
This shall be the payment
For their perseverance and their faithfulness

And truly they shall feel themselves rewarded
Truly they shall feel themselves to have the best of both

All the good that they love about their Earth
Plus all the good that is Heaven manifested
Shall they have the opportunity to experience
In the same time, in the same place
On the same planet