Only The Truth  
Meditations on Terra
Dear Heavenly Father

We are here gathered on Terra
And we long so Father
We so long to see our dream turned into reality

Please Father
Give us the patience we need
To stay the course

Please Father
Give us hope and yes give us perseverance
For truly the road seems long

We are not begging out Father
Please do not for a moment think that

We are simply asking you to provide us
With the personal strengths needed for the task at hand
The personal attributes needed to complete the task
To yours and ours full and complete satisfaction

We ask you Father this our request
In the name of Jesus the Christ
Your Son, our Lord

Amen.  Amen.  Amen
And now what happens
And now hands are still joined
But eyes are opened and heads are no longer bowed

Their eyes follow Archangel Michael as he walks
Around the inside of the circle
Searching out one person’s eyes and then another

And yes now he stops
And yes it is a young woman
She is surprisingly young
Why she seems to be only 17!

Archangel Michael stands before her
And there is silent communication between the two
Not so silent.  Tune in.  What is being said
Archangel Michael
Caritas, you have been silent to date
And yet I know that there is much you want to say
Much, very much

Speak darling, with the passion of your youth, speak
Yes my dear one, speak your Truth
And please my dear one, speak it fully
And Archangel Michael embraces the young girl
Hands her the peace pipe
And returns to his spot in the circle

And the girl looks shyly about
And then immediately lowers her eyes

She has an interesting combination of shyness, demureness
And yet also courage
And yes the confidence, the almost arrogance of youth

She looks out
Her eyes are open and clear
And she raises the peace pipe to her lips
And begins playing it

And the song starts out sweet and softly
But it is not long before another note is detected
And my goodness, the note is one of anger
Yes it is one of hurt
Yes it is one of betrayal
The song sings of the disillusionment of the adolescent

It sings of how the child believes
The child believes in his parents
The child believes in his teachers
The child believes all that he is taught
And yes the child tries to live up to what he is taught

And the shock and dismay upon reaching adolescence
To find how far from reality is all that he has been taught

How far from practicing what they preach are their parents
How they have been preaching and preaching and yes
Enforcing their teachings upon their children
And yes, holding their children to a higher standard
Than they were holding themselves

For they taught their children to never lie
No, never!  Not once!  No, not once!
And severely consequated their children
When they caught them lying
Or even when they simply thought their children were lying

And what a shock it was to the adolescent
To find out that their parents lied
And not only did they lie
But they lied routinely!
They lied blatantly!
They lied, it would seem for no reason at all!

They lied and they lied and they lied
And they apologized not for their lying
No, they did not apologize to their children for lying

"It is different" they would tell their children
"You do not understand" they would tell their children

And they would continue to teach one thing
And they would continue to practice another

And no, it was not only at home
That this great disillusionment occurred
It also occurred at school

For at school they were taught so much
They were taught about their government
And they were taught about the Constitution
And yes, the Bill of Rights
And they were taught to think of these two documents as
Yes the very foundation of our nation
And the children listened to their teacher
In wide eyed innocence
And in trust, yes in belief
And yes, they did hold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights
to be as sacred

And yes, they had great respect for the government
For how greatly their Founding Fathers had established
The government with its 3 different pillars
The judicial, the executive, and the legislative branches
With the checks and balances each provided the other

And yes, the schoolchildren were taken on buses and on
To visit their nation’s capitol
And yes, they were in awe of the majestic buildings
And the magnificent statues
And yes, they were in awe of their government
And yes, they were proud
Proud to be members of this great country were the children
And oh my, what a shock
What a fundamental shock to the system it was
To find it was all a bunch of rot!
A bunch of rot!

No, the Supreme Court was not dedicated and pure
No, the Supreme Court was not about upholding the
As the children had been taught

On the contrary, the members of the Supreme Court
USED the Constitution to further their agenda

And if one doubted this
Then one need only look at the bitter partisan fighting
That broke out whenever a new member to the Supreme
Court was nominated
Each party wanted a judge of their party’s leanings

Did they not understand that the judge was to be neither
liberal nor conservative

Did they not understand that the judge was to be a strict
Of the country’s foundation documents, The Constitution and
The Bill of Rights

And that neither political party
Nor right wing nor left wing
Nor conservatism nor liberalism
Had any place in the Supreme Court

No, no place at all.  Why this was a travesty!

The notion of a Supreme Court Justice
Using words, words, and more words
To deliberately distort, obfuscate, and confuse

Yea to say that up is down, and right is left
And then to hand down the verdict that he or she pleased
The verdict that those who had nominated him wanted him to
hand down

To say that this was a disillusioning blow to the child
Is putting too mild a cast on it
His very foundation was shaken

His parents lied
His government was not pure
Did not serve the country as the Founding Fathers had

But on the contrary, used the structures the Founding
Fathers had set up to further their own ambitions

And this was a shock
This was a shock
This was a shock

And again, no one apologized for this
After all these years of false indoctrination
No one apologized to the children for the lies they had been

No one apologized to them that the reality
Was so far less, so very far less
Than what they had been taught

On the contrary, the adults seemed amused
At their children’s naïveté
Or else, they seemed annoyed

"You don’t understand" the adults would say
"It is not as black and white as all that" the adults would say

And yet had they not been taught all these years
That it was truly black and white

Had they not been taught that it was a sin to lie

Had they not been taught about the checks and balances
In the separate government branches
Only to find out that the separate branches were actually
Working in concert to achieve
Not what was best for the country
No, not what was best for the people
But yes, what was best for the personal interests
Of the people who considered themselves to be in power

In Power!?!

All along the children had been taught
That the government served the people, served the country

And now the new adolescent realizes that this is not so

The people in government do not even pretend to serve
They walked around as though they were entitled
Yes as though they were in power

No, not service to the country
No, not service to the people
But power, power, power

And what power
Power to further one’s own ambitions

And the new adolescent was left reeling
Every single thing he had been taught
Ever since he could remember
Was a lie, was a lie, was a lie

And the disillusionment was great
It was profound
It went to the very core of the adolescent’s being

And he knew no longer whom to believe in
Nor in what
And he was left stranded alone
Alone in a world he knew not

A world he had in his innocence thought he had known
But now in his disillusionment
In his great and profound and fundamental disillusionment
He realized he knew not at all

And the adolescent lost his trust of adults
All adults
For they lied, they lied, they lied
And they did so blatantly, they did so routinely
They did so without apology

And the adolescent turned to his peers for comfort
And to his peers he turned to make some sense of this world
That he found himself in
This brand new world that he found himself in

And his confusion and his anger and his bitterness
Were dismissed as merely adolescent hormones to be

He was himself dismissed
His protests ignored
His cries of anguish trivialized
"You’ll grow out of it" they told him
Young Way-Shower
Grow out of what
Grow into what
Grow into the liars and the hypocrites that you are

If you had been lying all along
Could you at least have had the decency
To not imprint us with the fact and the truth
That lying is wrong, wrong, wrong

If you had known all along
That government is all about seeking and obtaining power
Why did you teach us it was about service
Service to man, God, and country

And what else have you lied to us about

We no longer believe you
There is nothing we can hold onto anymore

And we hate you
We hate you
We hate you

We had adored you when we were children
You had been as gods to us

And we had believed, fully believed, every single word
You had told us
Every single word you repeatedly drummed into our heads

And now to find out that every single one of those words
Is a lie
That you yourself do not even pretend to believe

How dare you!
How dare you!
How dare you!

And don’t you dare speak to us again
For we shall not listen to you
No we shall not
No we shall not

And we hate you
We hate for what you have done to us
We hate you for how you have set us up
For such a shock you have deliberately set us up

For surely you knew
Surely you knew
That we would at some point
Discover that all you were teaching us were lies

Surely you knew
And yet you chose to teach us these lies anyway
And when we are left stunned and reeling
You turn to us in anger
And you call us rebellious
And you tell us that we do not understand

And you are right
We do not understand

And you are right
We do rebel

And you are right
We know not where to turn
We know not whom to turn

And our greatest fear
Our greatest fear
Our greatest fear of all
Is that we will turn out to be just like you

God help us, God help us
Or is he also a lie you invented for us?

You are monsters
You truly are monsters
And it is unconscionable what you have done to us

And you wonder at our rage
You wonder at our rage
You understand it not
Not even bothering to listen to us
When we try to explain ourselves to you

You condescend us
You disrespect us
You pat us on the head and imprison us in your schools
To keep us off the streets, yes to keep us out of your way

Well fuck you!
Fuck you!
Fuck you all!
And now the child is spent

She is sitting down
She is staring vacantly at no one and at nothing
And she shudders

And the great Archangel Michael goes up to her
And hugs her
Fully he hugs her
Warmly he embraces her

Courage!  He tells her
Complete your story.  He tells her
Believe and speak!  He tells her

And again she shudders
But the blank look is gone from her eyes

And yes there is a clearness to her eyes now
And yes there is purpose in her demeanor now
And she picks up the peace pipe resolutely
Young Way-Shower
Father I do not know what it will be like on Terra
I do not know what Heaven Manifested means

But I ask you Father
That on Terra that the adults do not lie to their children
That the adults do not spend so much time and energy
And concerted effort in wholesale lying to their children

Please Father
Let the adults explain to their children
Reality as it is
Let them teach their children reality as it is
And if the reality is too ugly for a child to cope with
Then please have the adults not mention that reality at all
To the child
Do not have them teach the child that the ugly reality
Is in fact beautiful
Is in fact pure
Is in fact noble
When it is none of the above
When it is in fact, ugly and corrupt and self-serving
No, if the truth is too harsh for a child to hear
Then have the adults not say anything at all
Do not have them paint a picture that is not
For truly the shock is too great
Truly the shock is too great
Truly the shock is too great
And yes Father it does take us awhile to recover from the
You might say that we in fact never do recover from the

Father I do not know how this will apply in Terra
Perhaps on Terra, people truly will never, ever lie
And perhaps on Terra, those in the government
Are there truly to serve
And if such is the case
Then yes, it is perfectly acceptable for the adults to teach us
But if such is not the case
Please Father, do not allow them to show us such cruelty
To pump us up with such visions and ideas of how the world is
And leave us to ourselves
When we find out that the world is not that way at all
No, not at all

Father I guess I am asking for the Truth, the Truth, the Truth

However Terra turns out to be
May we be taught the Truth of it

Not lies about what it should be
But the Truth of what it is

And this my dear Father is all I am asking

I am not asking Father for perfection
I am not asking Father for impossible to attain idealism
I am not even asking for what I was taught was the truth of

I am simply asking that on Terra
The children are taught the truth of what is
And are not lied to by the adults
And taught what is not

Please Father please

I know my request is not very lofty
No, these are not great ideals I am speaking of

No, I am not asking for Peace on Terra
I am not even asking for Food for All

I am not asking for Justice
I am not even asking that our government be one
That serves the people instead of itself

I am simply asking that on Terra
The Truth be told
Nothing but the Truth
Only the Truth
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Copyright  2006  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved