All That Glitters Is Not Gold  
Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2006  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
Dear Heavenly Father

Thank you for this opportunity for us to meet
And to work toward creating your Son’s dream for us

May we dream well Father
May we choose well Father
May we create well Father

May we create Father what your Son hopes for us to create
Heaven manifested on Terra!

We ask this prayer in the name of Jesus
Your Son, our Lord

Amen.  Amen.  Amen
And now what happens
And now the heads are no longer bowed
The eyes are open
Hands are still joined

And yes Archangel Michael walks around the inside of the
Looking at one, searching the eyes out of another

And now he stops
Why it is an old man!
I had not noticed an old man among us before

Archangel Michael stops before the old man
And searches him out
And pauses
As if waiting for the man’s permission
And the man, with his eyes, gives his consent

And Archangel Michael hugs the man gently and fully
Gives him the peace pipe
And states,
Speak your Truth
And now what happens
And all unlink hands
And all but the old man sit down
And the old man places the peace pipe to his lips
And starts playing it as he walks about the circle

And how odd
His song is not to God above
It is to his fellow comrades; his fellow Way-Showers
He is speaking to them
His song is for them
And what is his song
It is a song of counsel
It is a song of warning

He is urging his fellows to not make the mistakes he had
To not be deceived by appearances and by the immediate
But to hold out for essence and for the permanent
For appearances fade
And no longer give joy, no longer give strength
No longer feed us
And what is given immediately
Transforms, transforms, transforms
Until what had been a source of pleasure
Devolves into a need
And then further devolves into imprisonment
The imprisonment of addiction

He advises his fellows to choose wisely, to discern well
To look underneath the exterior, all the way down into the

He advises to see past the immediate
And to the near future
And to the long-term future
Of every single thing that they ask for

He asks them to ask for the real
He asks them to ask for the true
He asks them to ask for the good

And his song suggests to them
That they look around them
Look at the experiences of others

Do not listen to rhetoric
For one can be so fooled by language!

But look, look, and look some more
At the lives of your fellow Earthlings
And note the choices they made in their youth
And note what they reaped as a result of their choices
How did their lives play out based on these their choices

And yes, look at the evidence
Look at the evidence that is all around you
So plain and so visible
Naked to the human eye it is
No need for psychic or spiritual sight, it is so visible
Yes all it requires is discernment

Yes do look beneath the superficial exterior
Yes do not be fooled by the initial immediate rush
No, for all that glitters is not gold
All that glitters is not gold
All that glitters is not gold

And do not be as children
And reach your hand out for every shiny bauble
That is presented before you

But discern, discern
Observe, observe, observe
Observe what has been chosen
Observe what the different choices yielded to the chooser
And base on what you observe, decide
Decide for your self what end result you desire
And walk backward, Work backward
From the end result to the initial choice

Do not look at the initial choice
Look at the end result
Choose your end result
And then, using the experiences of your fellows
Determine which choice yields the end result you want

Observe children observe
Look closely, listen well
Look deeply, listen for the truth of what is being said
And yes, use your judgment
Look at all the evidence
And use your judgment

Decide for yourself what end results you want for yourself
And then walk backward
Backward from the end result
Back to the near term future
Back to the initial choice
From the end result to the initial choice
And note, note, note
How remarkably the two differ
How surprisingly and astonishingly different they are

Do not, dear ones, be deceived by false promises

Discern well, discern wisely
Look for yourselves, see for yourselves, decide for
And choose my dear ones choose
Choose for the permanent
Choose for the real
Choose for what sustains life
Choose for what nourishes the soul
Choose my children for what will feed you
For the remainder of your days

And this is all the advice I have for you my children
Listen to me
More importantly, look around, look around, look around
And decide from the results the choices to make
From the end results, decide what to ask for
Work backward my children

Do not believe in promises
Look at the facts; look at the actual results
And based upon these results, make your choices

Choose well my children
Choose wisely my children
Choose for the permanent
Choose for what will be good for you for all the days of
your lives

God bless you my children
God bless you with the gift of discernment

And that my dear ones is my prayer for you
That God blesses you with the gift of discernment
So that you in truth and in fact
Choose Heaven for Terra

Amen.  Amen.
As I have said it
So may it be