First Impressions
Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2006  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
And now the Christ claps his hands
And silence and stillness immediately reign
As all stop to look at him
And now what happens
Lord Jesus Christ
Follow me children
And so they do
Single file they follow him inward
Away from the seashore
In to the land of Terra
Where are they now
Again they are on that sunlit field of grass
That resembles so the sunlit field of grass on Earth
From which the spaceships will depart
And of course it is here that those destined for Terra will
Here on this sunlit field of grass
Will those destined for Terra arrive
And what is the Lord saying
Listen, listen and hear
Lord Jesus Christ
My children
I have spoken to you
Of the need to properly receive my children as they arrive

Know that many of your human peers will be in shock
From the experience
They will have remained consciousness throughout
And they will fear for their sanity
They will fear for their lives
They will fear
They will fear

And you my dear ones
When they disembark the ships
What my children is your role
To properly receive them my Lord
To reassure them my Lord
To make them feel safe and yes
To let them know that they are indeed safe
Safe and sane they are
Safe and sane both they are
Lord Jesus Christ
Yes my child exactly so

You must assure them that they are safe
You must reassure them that they have not lost their
Despite the seemingly unbelievable experience they have
just undergone
The experience is believable and they are sane
They are sane
They are sane and they are safe

And my dear ones, how do you go about
Reassuring these of my children who are so afraid
As gently as possible Lord
We treat them calmly
We greet them in calmness and in assurance and in
We do so as quietly as possible
Not overwhelming them with words
For truly they will be hardly able to hear us
Much less comprehend us
Lord Jesus Christ
Yes exactly so
You receive them calmly, quietly, gently, and in patience
You radiate your self-assurance
You radiate your own well-being
Your well-being will do much to decrease their anxiety

The fact that you appear so much like them
And also appear well, healthy of mind and body
Will do much to appease their anxiety

And my children in order to radiate well-being
What must you do
We must care for ourselves my Lord
We must not be so all consumed by this great work
That we neglect ourselves

We must not be so all concerned for our fellow Earthlings
That we allow anxiety and worry to consume us
But rather we pray to our Father
And let go
And leave the results in his capable hands

We pray to the Father
We pray to the Mother
We pray for the Earthlings

Instead of worrying, we pray
Instead of working in anxiety, we work in calmness
Taking the time to rest in between
To pray in between
To self-care in between

And thus my Lord, we will be well
And our soundness of health in mind and body and
Will be evident to our fellow humans as they arrive on
And our healthy state
Will do much to assure them
To relieve them of their anxiety
Their fear that perhaps the ship is the work of the snake
And they are being taken to their enslavement

Our healthy state
Our well-being
And yes our Joy!
Should erase that particular fear from their mind but
Lord Jesus Christ
Do you think so
Fears die hard
They may think that you yourselves are the snake’s

Given that, how will you approach them
Given that my Lord
Perhaps we should not approach them

Perhaps we should just let them know we are here
Make our appearance known to them
And allow them to approach us as they are ready to
Lord Jesus Christ
Wise answer

Those who are afraid that the ship is the work of the snake
Those who are afraid that you are the snake’s minions
Do not approach

Make your appearance known to them
But do not approach them
Allow them to approach you in their own good time

When they feel safe to
When they are ready to
Then they shall approach you
Yes my Lord

And my Lord
How shall we know which of the Earthlings
Fear the ship is the work of the snake
And which ones don’t
Lord Jesus Christ
Tell me my darling
How shall you know
Which ones fear the ship is the work of the snake
And which ones do not harbor this particular fear
By the look in their eyes
By their posture, their body language
By the aura they emanate

That is how we shall be able to tell
Lord Jesus Christ
And my dear ones
While there are those who fear the ships are the work of
the snake
And you now know how to receive them
You approach them not
You make your appearance, your healthy appearance
Known to them
And allow them to approach you when they are ready
When they are ready

But there will be others
Others with different responses

For example, there will be those who fear for their sanity
Those who may in fact believe that they are in a state of
How my dear ones, will you approach these of my children
Gently my Lord
Reassuringly my Lord
Almost maternally my Lord

We shall act in a soothing manner toward them
We shall show them that we are caring for them
We may even decide to show that we are willing to heal

This may help them to believe that they will be healed
Thus allowing for their healing
And then allowing for the gradual awareness and
Of what has happened
Lord Jesus Christ
Excellent answer

And yes, just the right approach for these of my children
Who fear for their sanity

For truly nothing had prepared them for this
Truly they had been taught that such things are not real
And if you perceive them to be real
Then you are hallucinating, you are schizophrenic, you are

And if they believe themselves so
Then they will also believe themselves to be in need of
And yes a paternal, benevolent, care-giving approach to
Will be most effective

They will gladly turn themselves over to your care
With relief they will do so
Looking to you to heal them of their apparent mental
Looking forward to their recovery shall they be
And thus already on their first step toward their recovery
Shall they be

And again my children
How shall you know which of those disembarking
Are afraid for their sanity
Actually fear that they have gone over the edge to insanity
How shall you know
Again my Lord
By the look in their eyes
By their posture, their body language
By the aura that they emanate
Lord Jesus Christ
And what am I telling you my children
That we shall need to be sensitive
That we shall need to look at and see
Listen to and hear
Sense and perceive
Each individual as he is

Each and every single individual
Will require our time, our attention, our focus
We shall need to be sensitive to them
Sensitive to the state that they are in
We shall need to know how to read them correctly
Lord Jesus Christ
And how my dear ones
Will you know how to read them correctly

For you will not have much time
As they disembark, you will need to gauge fairly quickly
The state of each individual
So that you treat him as he needs to be treated

How shall you so quickly be able to do a close read
Of each individual
My Lord, by tuning in to you
By tuning into the Divine Brotherhood
By developing and trusting our senses
Both our physical senses and our additional perceptive
And yes by developing and trusting our intuition
By knowing to listen to and hearing the still small voice
For it shall guide us
It shall help us to know
Lord Jesus Christ
You answer well and I am pleased
Now Go and Do!

Do not merely sit around and wait for your Earthlings to
Go and prepare yourselves!
Develop your perceptive senses

Practice this
Practice this now
Practice with each other

Learn to listen to, hear, and follow
The still small voice within you

Do this at all times
So that you are always doing this
So that it is no longer a conscious deliberate effort on your

You are always in tune with
Always hearing
Always aware of what your still small voice is telling you

There is much to do to prepare I tell you

Drop your listlessness
Drop your impatience
And use this time, this precious time
To prepare yourselves, to train yourselves
So that you are worthy to be the ones
Who receive your fellow humans
So that you receive them well
So that you receive them as they need to be received
So that their first moments on Terra
Be moments that reassure them and heal them

And my dear children
First impressions last
First impressions imprint
They imprint and they last
First impressions are most important
Hence my emphasis on this aspect of your training

I would that you do all you can
To prepare yourselves so that you are skilled at receiving
Your fellow Earthlings
So that you have the capabilities and the skills to receive
So that their first impression of Terra
Is as positive as they will allow it to be
Our Lord, we shall do as you say
We shall do exactly as you say

Thank you our Lord for these your instructions
We shall see to it immediately
And we are looking forward to so developing ourselves
So developing our senses of perception
So developing our skill at receiving our fellow humans
Into their new home