You Will Fall In Love with Your Father
Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2006  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
Dear Heavenly Father
We are gathered here together
At the request of your Son

At the request of your Son
We are listing our desires and our dreams
For our ideal home

Please Father
At the request of your Son
Translate our stated desires and dreams
Into Heaven Manifested on Terra!

Amen.  Amen
As we have said it
So may it be
Now what happens
Now all are seated
And Archangel Michael is walking around the inside
Of the circle

Only this time instead of searching out people’s eyes
He is holding the flute to his own lips!
What does his song say
The song sings of love, of tender love
It sings of God’s great love for his children
And it laments the children’s ignorance of God’s love for

How far and how wide is the separation
Between God and his children
And how did this sorry state of affairs come to be

How could the snake have been allowed so much power
and influence
That so many of God’s children actually fear their loving
Fear their loving Father!
The thought is an abomination
It goes against Nature itself
It is as absurd as an infant fearing its new young mother
The mother who is full of love and joy for her child
The mother whose eyes and heart are but for her child
How could it possibly be that this child should fear such a

And yet this is now the state between God and so many
So very many of his children
Archangel Michael
And yes my dear God
May your children of Terra know you
May they know you experientially
May they experience you
May they be able to converse freely with you
Whenever and wherever they desire to
May they know HOW

Yes may this be the law of the land
One of its founding principles
That all on Terra know the Father
That all on Terra directly experience the Father

No, they do not hear lectures about the Father on Sunday
Lectures given by those who themselves do not know the

No, please no lectures are needed
No sermons on Terra please
No sermons are needed

For one does not need to be told about one
Whom one knows personally

The people of Terra shall not need to be told about God
For the people of Terra shall know God
They shall know God
They shall sit on his lap whenever they want to
And they shall speak with their loving Father

And they shall sit on their Father’s lap
And tell him all that is on their hearts and minds
And yes they shall listen to their gentle and wise Father’s
And comforted they shall return home
Knowing that they have been heard they shall return home
Having received wise counsel
That brings them to peace of mind and heart
Shall they return home

In peace of mind and heart they shall return to their homes
Having had an experience of the Father
A direct experience of the Father
Shall they return home

And with the Father’s oh so wise and oh so simple
And oh so obvious answer to their predicament in their
Shall they gladly and with great relief
Implement, of their own free will
With gladness and lightness of heart
They shall implement their loving Father’s counsel

And yea over time they shall see the fruit of their Father’s
And this fruit shall bring them great joy
For their Father’s counsel shall bring harmony to their lives
Harmony and peace and purpose shall it bring to their lives

And so they shall turn and return to their Father
And it will become a joy for them to turn and return to
their Father
Knowing, knowing, knowing
That they are always received in gentleness, in kindness
And yes with humor

Yes the children shall know of their Father’s gentle humor
Yes they shall for their very own selves
See for their very own selves
Their Father throw his head back and laugh out loud
Yes laugh out loud in joy and merriment their Father does
And the children of Terra shall see it
And shall know their Father to be a god of gentleness
A god of wisdom
And yes, yes!
A god with a good sense of humor

And this Father is my prayer request
For the children of Terra
That there is no separation between them and you

What breaks my heart Father
The most about the sorry state of affairs on Earth
More than the wars and the violence
And the poverty in the midst of abundance
Is the separation between you and your children
The great chasm that separates you
The misunderstanding Earth’s children have of you
The fear of you that has been imprinted into their minds
and hearts
Even those who profess to love you
So many of them
So very many of them know you not, fear you they do
In truth, regardless of what they claim, they love you not
For where there is fear, there is no love

And yes Father they have been taught lies
Very many lies
And the greatest lie of all Father
Is that they have been taught wrongly about you
And thus as a consequence Father fear you
And forgive me Father
But because of what they have been taught
Many do not like you
And one can hardly blame them

No, one cannot really blame them
For they believe the lies
It is part of the collective consciousness
It is part of the collective unconsciousness
And so they fear you
And so forgive me Father, they dislike you

And this is as much an abomination
As an infant disliking its own doting mother!
It goes against Nature herself

My prayer and forgive me Father
I know your children have made many requests to you
But I perceive my prayer request to be fundamental
To be prime

My prayer request Father
Is that Terrans know you Father
No, they do not know of you
Yes, they do know you
They know you
They know you experientially
For they meet with you and they meet you as often as they
care to

And of course the more they meet with you
The more they will know you
And of course the more they will know you
The more they will love you
And of course the more they will love and yes enjoy you
The more they will meet with you

And father and child shall enjoy a mutually loving
And satisfying relationship
And love is exchanged between father and child

And the father provides the child with gentle and loving
And wise counsel
Counsel that helps the child

Not counsel that burdens him
No!  No this is not Earth
And the snake’s lies do not exist here

And the Father’s counsel helps the child and lightens his
Relieves his mind and yes shows him his path

Sure of his path is he
Relieved in mind is he
Lightened of heart is he

In peace and in joy and in confidence
He returns home
With courage in his heart he returns home
Joyfully he returns home
Confidently he resumes his life

For he has met with the Father
And he has eaten and he has been fed and he is satisfied

And yes this is no rare occurrence Father
But routinely, routinely shall the children of Terra
Turn and return to you Father

They shall even turn to you
Simply for the pleasure of your company
Simply to converse
Yes to chat away
Yes to enjoy you
To enjoy you
To enjoy you

And this my dear beloved and loving Father
Is my prayer for Terra
For life on Terra
For all the children of Terra
And yes Father we are of course including those children
Who consider themselves to be adults
For yes, to themselves they are adults
And adults they shall grow up to be
Yes my Father I am talking about all human life on Terra

My prayer request for all life on Terra
Is that it knows its Father

Life on Terra knows who its Father is
Life on Terra directly experiences who its Father is

It is not told about its Father
No sermons are needed nor desired
No lectures are needed nor desired
None of these are spoken by anyone
None of these are listened to by anyone
Why should they be

See for yourself
Know for yourself
Experience for yourself

Yes for yourself, by yourself, via yourself
Experience the Father directly

Experience him
Spend time with him
Converse with him
Laugh with him
And you will not be able to help it

You will fall in love with your Father
You will fall in love with your Father
You will fall in love with your Father

My Father
This is my prayer request for Terra
My most ardent prayer request for Terra

Amen.  Amen
As I have said, so Father, so may it be