We Need The Sabbath
Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2006  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
The campground seems to be in disarray
As though a storm had swept by
And all are about restoring order
They are weary from their task
And the Lord Jesus Christ claps his hand
And all stand up straight and look at him
All are of course quiet
And what does the Lord say
Listen for you can hear as well as you see
What does the Lord say
Lord Jesus Christ
My children
Let us take a rest from this work
And let us go on a tour of Terra!

Yes there is much I want to show you
Much that is new
Come follow me now
And now what do they do
And the Lord leads
Everyone follows him single file
And Archangel Michael is last in line
And they walk inland
Like before, they walk away from the seashore
And in toward Terra!
Good, remain with them
And this is strange
We are again at the sunlit field of grass
We had been at before
I had expected something new
Lord Jesus Christ
My children look, look around you
Look in front of you
Look at what is underneath your feet
Tell me my children what do you see
And everyone stares blankly and dumbly around
Why it’s the same sunlit field of grass
Yes there is the forest on either side
Yes there is the seashore behind us
Yes there is an embankment before us
We have seen all this already
What is the Lord referring to?
And what happens next
A Way-Shower dares to respond
My Lord, we are seeing the sunlit field of grass
That will greet the people disembarking from the ships
from Earth
Lord Jesus Christ
Excellent response!
For do you know what you have just said
Nothing of significance that I am aware of my Lord
Lord Jesus Christ
Why it’s in your very words
The very words you used
The sunlit field of grass that will greet the people

You unconsciously, instinctively chose the correct answer
For you see, Terra herself will greet the new arrivals

And what had you previously learned my children
That Terra has consciousness
That Terra is a sentient being, alive, and more evolved
than we
Lord Jesus Christ
And my dear children
Does it not follow
That a sentient being, alive and more evolved than
humans are
Is able to communicate herself
Yes is able to make herself known
Her presence felt

For even should no human be on Terra
To greet the first of the arrivals

Terra herself would greet them
And yes they would sense her greeting
The more spiritually awake of them
The more spiritually sensitive of them
Would hear her
And hear her they shall

They shall feel her welcome in the soft breeze
That caresses their faces

They shall feel her welcome in the soft sunlight
That smiles upon them

And yes even the blades of grass will sing in joy
At their arrival

And the sensitive and the aware
Will pick up on the welcome that they are receiving

Even the not so sensitive
Will perceive Terra to have ‘good vibes’ as you on Earth

Yes indeed Terra has good vibrations
And the arriving Earthlings shall have no choice
But to feel these good vibrations

No choice but to feel welcome
No choice but to feel that they have indeed come home
And now what happens
My Lord, forgive me
We had sensed Terra as a sentient being
Alive and more evolved than we
On our first exploration of the planet

But now we do not perceive anything out of the ordinary
Other than that she is more radiantly beautiful than Earth
Much more

Why my Lord are we not picking up
On Terra’s vibrations
Lord Jesus Christ
Several reasons

One – you are used to them, you now take them for granted
Just as you have become used to
The radiant beauty that surrounds you
This beauty that made you stop in breathless wonder
When you first arrived
You hardly even see anymore
It is a given
You take it for granted
Like the air that you breathe
You expect it to be there
And would notice it only in its absence

Two – you have become too engrossed in your work
And you have lost touch with your home
You have forgotten to remain in touch with Terra

Why my dear children do you think
She sent such a strong wind last night
So strong that it disrupted our campsite

Learn my children learn
Learn to read Terra
Learn to discern her messages

She spoke to you last night
And what my dear children
Did she say
That we are neglecting her?
Lord Jesus Christ
That is one possibility
Think again
That we have, as you have said my Lord
Become too engrossed in our work
And needed to take time out
Needed to take a breather
Yes needed a Sabbath
Lord Jesus Christ
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
It also makes Jack lose his freshness, his enthusiasm
And yes he becomes so engrossed in the details
And in the work, the work, the work
That he even forgets the purpose of the work
The reason that he is working
And for whom he is working

And my children
You have been listless lately
Things have become a chore
You have been doing out of duty instead out of passion

And my dear ones
That is simply not allowed on Terra

Tell me my children
What is one of God’s commandments that applies here
Honor the Sabbath and keep it holy
For it is the day of the Lord thy God
Lord Jesus Christ
Precisely so
And know my dear sweet children
That this commandment is given as a gift to you
No, it is not a burden, a restriction, an oppression
No!  No!  No!

This command is a gift to you
A day in each 7 that you take time away from your labors
Time to refresh and renew yourselves

Yes time for rest and recreation
Yes time to touch base with your God, your Father
Yes time to touch base with your home, your Mother
Time my dear ones
For you to restore yourselves to yourselves
Time to recreate yourself anew

And do not tell me that the matter is too urgent
That things are in a crisis
And in such a crisis there is no room for the Sabbath

On the contrary my dear ones
It is in these such times, that one needs to observe the
More closely than ever
For you see, it is in these such times
That one needs the Sabbath more so than ever

One needs the Sabbath
One needs the Sabbath
One needs the Sabbath

Yes one needs the Sabbath

For it is in observing the Sabbath
That you will discover anew your initial joy and
At your new home

It is in observing the Sabbath
That you remain in touch, yes in intimate conversation
With your heavenly Father

It is in observing the Sabbath
That you are restored to yourself

And then my dear ones
Then my dear ones
And only then my dear ones
Do you return to your duties
Yes after the completion of the Sabbath
Do you then return to your duties

Restored and refreshed are you
With fresh eyes that see the wonder all around you are you
With hearts full of the Father’s love are you

You will, by observing the Sabbath
Have time to get your head out of the minutiae
That you were buried in
And yes with head held high
You look about you
You see far and you see wide
You see the long view
You see the purpose ahead
You see the progress you have made
You see the work remaining
You see if you are progressing correctly toward your goal
Or if adjustment is needed
You see, you see, you see

With your head held high, you see

And my dear ones
I would that you learn to read Terra
Understand the messages that she sends your way

No, it was no mere work of nature that disturbed our
campsite last night
Terra was giving us a message
She has seen us become engrossed in our work
She has seen how seriously we have been taking ourselves
Too seriously
She has seen us work ceaselessly
And she has seen the joy and the light in our eyes dim

And in her love
She has tossed our campsite upside down and inside out
So that we have no choice but to take a break from our
So that we have no choice but get out of our rut

And if we are sensitive and if we listen
We hear her message
We hear her message
We hear her message
And what my dear children
Is the message
My Father, you have told us the message is
For us to observe the Sabbath one day out of 7
And that we are to enjoy the Sabbath
To get ourselves back in touch with God our Father
To get ourselves back in touch with Terra our Mother
And to get ourselves back in touch with ourselves

And yes having been so restored
We can review our week’s work
We can remember our original goals
We can remember our original purpose
And we can remember what it is we are working for
And why
And we can look at the how of what we are doing
Are we progressing in a straight line toward our goal

Or have we in our shortsightedness
With our heads buried in minutiae lost track of the goal
And have gotten sidetracked by some irrelevant factor

We can look Father at the larger picture
And yes Father regain our initial enthusiasm
Both for Terra and for the work we are doing
In preparing for our fellow Earthlings’ arrival

This my Father is what you have told us Terra’s message is
Lord Jesus Christ
And my child is this message burdensome
Is it restrictive
Do you chafe at the apparent limitations
No my Father
For we sense that you are right, yes that Terra is right

We had become too engrossed in our work
Yes, forgive us, it had become a chore
Yes, forgive us, we have failed to notice
The beauty and the glory that surrounds us
Such beauty and such glory
That it left us speechless on our arrival
Now we no longer even see
Let alone enjoy

My Father, my Father
You are correct
Terra is correct

We need the Sabbath
We need the Sabbath
We need the Sabbath