After The Sabbath
Meditations on Terra
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Copyright  2006  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved
We walk toward the campsite
And yes, all order has been restored
And yes, the people have been restored to themselves
They have taken their Sabbath they have
And they are now rejuvenated, renewed they are
And there is a freshness to their eyes
A glow of enthusiasm
The listlessness that had previously pervaded is gone
But completely
The energy feels so much better!

And all are seated meditating even before we arrive
Which pleases us
They are preparing for the meeting
Very good
Very good indeed

And we get into place in the circle
And sit down and meditate as well

And at first, it is each individual in his own private meditation
And slowly, gradually, a transformation occurs
And we are now in a group meditation

We are all joined at the mental levels
We are one
We can communicate telepathically
And we are in our group meditation

It is as though a light beam has formed a circle
Going through all our individual heads
And yes in the center of the circle
Is another circle of light
And from each one of our heads
Is a light beam going to that center circle
And it is via these light beams
That our prayers and our thoughts travel
As well as our feelings
And a feeling of Peace, profound Peace, pervades
And all are so blessed

And we sit and rest and feel
The Peace that we have been blessed with
And moments, blissful moments pass

And then a group humming begins
And the humming begins in the central column, the core of each individual
And slowly gradually extends outward from his body
And yes the vibration has hit the vocal chords
And the humming is audible

And the humming has a flow to it
It rises and falls
It ebbs and flows
There is a wave like quality to it

And now our vibratory rate increases
And Joy is entering the picture

Whereas Peace had been the predominant state of being
We are all now experiencing Joy

And we continue humming
And our Joy increases and yes brings happiness to our hearts

And now we can't help it
Our group humming transforms into a group song
And what is the song

Listen, for you can hear as well as see and experience
Listen to and hear the song
They are praising God

Yes their hearts and their beings are lifted up
In praise to God the Father, the Almighty

They have tasted of him yesterday on the Sabbath
And now they are praising him for his greatness
For his great glory
And yes for the abundance of his nature
His generosity of himself
His generosity with them

He has heard them
He has understood them
He has blessed them

Yes they each one of them have eaten and are satisfied
And they are now singing praises to God’s glory
And their songs lift them even higher

They have gone from Peace to Joy
They are now experiencing Adoration
They are adoring God

And I look at these people in their circle
And yes their eyes are all closed
And yes they are radiant
Radiant they are
Their light is shining
And yes, visible to the physical eye
That is how strongly their light is shining
For they are in adoration of God
And yes they are in bliss
In bliss they are
And in bliss they remain
And it would seem that they would, if they could
Remain in this bliss for all Eternity

They are in the Eternal Now
They are in Adoration of God
They are in bliss

And so we remain
For how long I have no idea
Minutes, hours, I do not know
There is no way of telling

And then God the Father snaps his fingers
And instantaneously our physical eyes open
And we are now back, grounded
Back at the campsite we are
In our physical bodies we are
Eyes wide open and glowing they are
And the Excitement is in the air

We have gone from Peace to Joy to Adoration
And now we have returned to our mortal state
And we are in a state of Excitement

Joyful anticipation fills the air
The people are vibrating in their Excitement
And eyes leap about, darting about
Looking at one and the other
Sharing the knowledge of what they have experienced
Sharing their joy at what has happened
And yes sharing their anticipation of what will come
And what does come
The Holy Spirit comes
And then what happens
And yes, there is a flame above each head
It is about 3 inches above each head
And the people
Are still

A great stillness has overtaken them
They are each in their own private meditation
They are each one being filled with the Holy Spirit

Slowly, gradually the Holy Spirit
Descends upon them
And enters into them
And fills, completes their entire being

They are filled with the Holy Spirit

And now I sense a Strength
A rock core solidity of Strength

Yea we have gone from Peace to Joy
To Adoration
To Excitement
And now the state is one of Strength

The people are strong to the very core of their beings
Their strength has depth; it has power
It is real and steady and firm
It shall not leave them, this Strength

No, it is an integral part of their being
It fills the very core of their being

Their central column is solid
It had been hollow
It is now solid

There is a solidity to the people
They are grounded
They are unassailable

They have matured right before my eyes
They are as children no longer
I am seeing adults, spiritual adults before me

Adults who know what they are about
Adults who are certain of their being and of their purpose are they
And I marvel at this transformation

It actually appears to me that the individuals have gotten taller
Grown in physical stature as well as in spiritual development
Are they