The Lie
Meditations on Terra
Lord Jesus Christ
Dear children
Again let us take a field trip today
Yes let us wander and see where our steps shall lead us
And so they walk single file
With the Lord at the head of the line
And Archangel Michael following the last person in line

And yes they walk inward
But instead of veering toward the sunlit field of grass
The Lord veers off to the right and walks
And walks
And walks

And all are quiet along the walk
They are drinking in Terra as they walk
They are hearing her sounds
Smelling her fragrances
Seeing her beauty
Yes, they are absorbing the essence of Terra into their beings as
they walk

And now how strange, we have come to another seashore
It is to the north of us rather than to the east
Where our campsite is located

And the Lord has us build a campfire
And we sit in a circle around the fire
And my, it is late in the day
And the sun is beginning to set

We are roasting marshmallows
And we sit hypnotized by the campfire
Lord Jesus Christ
My children what is a campfire without a good campfire story
Would anyone like to volunteer to tell us a story
And all are silent
Most still mesmerized by the fire
They hardly hear the Lord’s words
Lord Jesus Christ
Well then I will tell you a story
Listen my children listen
Listen to my story
And yes, the people have now heard the Lord
And all are focused on him
Wondering what story it is that he will tell them
And he begins
Lord Jesus Christ
Once upon a time
For that is the way all stories begin
Lord Jesus Christ
In a far distant land
There was a king and a queen
Who were dearly beloved by their people
And who dearly loved their people in return

And in this land
Reigned peace and harmony
The abundance of the planet was shared by all
And all were provided for
And the people’s lives had purpose
They had focus; they had meaning
The people knew who they were
Of this they were sure
They were rock-solid in the knowledge of who they were
And they were true to themselves
To themselves they were true

And then one day
A stranger visited this land
An odd looking fellow
Not ugly, but different
And he was a great story teller this stranger
And so everywhere he went, he found an audience
And he would tell his stories
And the people would listen with great pleasure
And yes, would feed him and lodge him for the night

And thus he traveled far and wide throughout the land
Spreading his stories far and wide throughout the land
Until his stories had become part and parcel of the culture
A part of their collective consciousness
They all knew the stories
And as the generations passed
A part of the collective unconscious as well
They all felt the stories
Not only did they feel the stories
But they felt the stories to be true

And for the most part the stories did seem true
If one did not look too closely
But contained in each one of the stories
In every single story this stranger had told
Contained within
Sometimes deep within
Was a lie

And the lie was a deceptively simple one
And the lie was not an easy one to spot, to detect
But the lie was there and it was there in each and every single
And the theme of the lie pervaded the stories
And as the stories grew ever deeper entrenched
Into the people’s collective unconscious
Into their feelings
Into their mythologies
The effect of that lie grew stronger and stronger
Until finally the people no longer knew who they were

And what was that lie
A simple lie really
One would hardly notice it
One would not think it so significant
And yet it changed the landscape of the planet
It changed the very fabric of its society
It changed the people’s self-perception

And yes, there began a slow but steady decline
In the quality of life on the planet
Until one would hardly recognize the planet
From the way it had been before the liar had entered it

For now the people no longer knew who they were
And so were no longer true to themselves
How could they be
They did not know who they were
How could they be true to what they did not know

And dissension broke out among the people
And rivalries began
And grew into wars

And hoarding of the planet’s bounty began
And poverty rose its ugly head

And misery became commonplace
And the people were malcontent
But did not know why

And as the generations passed
The people forgot that they had ever been a different way

Oh yes, there were stories of a golden time
A time when peace and harmony reigned
A time when all were provided for
A time of purpose and joy
And the people all knew these stories
But many doubted that such a time had ever existed
And even if it had
It had been a long, very long
Very, very long time ago

And things grew from bad to worse
And truly it would seem as if there were no bottom
And the people despaired
Their planet was turning into hell
They were turning into prisoners
Trapped in their lives were they
Trapped in their malcontent were they
Not seeing a way out were they
And blaming their god for their sorry state were they

And their god heard their laments
And with a god, a true god, to hear is to answer
And so this god answered the people’s cry
And he sent his mother and he sent his son
To his people to remind his people of who they were

And at first some of the people listened
And at first some of the people’s lives were transformed
And hope and yes excitement reigned among these people
Things were going to get better!
Yes, things were!

But it was not long
Before their original hope and excitement
Became subverted
For you see the lie that the stranger had imprinted upon the
Went deeply indeed

And they carried this lie over onto what the Mother and the Son
Told them

They imposed over the message of the Mother and the Son
They imposed over their message
And throughout the message
The original lie that the stranger had wrought

And once that lie had infiltrated the Mother and Son’s message
Then every single thing that the Mother and the Son had said
And had done became misinterpreted
For it was interpreted in light of the lie you see
It was interpreted through the lens of the lie
And so was misunderstood
And so was misapplied

And as the generations passed
The misunderstandings and the misapplications of
The Mother and Son’s message grew and grew deeper
Until finally one could hardly recognize their original message
From what the people now believed
That the Mother and Son had taught them

And so war continued to prevail upon the planet
In fact, as the centuries passed, the wars grew ever deadlier
And killed an ever increasing percentage of the population

And so hoarding continued to prevail upon the planet
Until poverty grew so great
That people on the planet
Quite a few in fact, actually died of hunger!
Slowly, in agony, they died of hunger
And yes, some even endured the agony of dying of thirst
In this planet of abundance
Things had been reduced to this!

And amazingly the people saw nothing wrong with this
So far from themselves had they grown

No there was nothing wrong with war
There had always been war
There will always be war
In fact one must continually fight
So as to keep oneself in fighting shape!

No there was nothing wrong with poverty
If those poor people did not know how to feed themselves
Well what could they do about it
There have always been the poor
There would always be the poor
And that was the way things were
And that was the way things always had been
And that was the way things always would be

What the people of this planet did not realize
Was that in life there is never stagnation
Life does not stand still
No it does not!

It moves
It moves
It moves

In one direction or another, it moves
It must
For it is alive and must move

And so things did not stay as they were
No they got worse
And worse
And worse

And the people with each succeeding generation
Told themselves that this wasn’t so bad
This was just the way things were
You made the most of it
You made sure
You did what you could
To make sure that you were the victor in the wars
You did what you could to make sure
That you were the victor in the hoarding of the planet’s bounty
You did what you had to do
Yes, there was no hope for it
You had to take care of yourself and of your own
And you did what you had to do
And who could blame you
Who could blame you

And so things deteriorated and continued to deteriorate
And truly it seemed as if there were no bottom
For it had now gotten to the point
Where collective insanity had gripped the planet
Truly, looking at it from the outside
One had no choice but to believe
That the people had become insane
Either insane or suicidal

For they were killing themselves the people were
They thought they were killing each other
But the people of other nearby planets
Looked upon this planet in horror
And wondered why they were so hell-bent on killing themselves
And killing themselves they were
In great numbers were the dead
In great numbers the body count continued

And now the people had graduated from killing each other
To killing their home

Yes truly they must be suicidal
For they were killing the home that provided for them
That sustained them
That allowed them to live

Yes the people were poisoning their air
They were poisoning their water
They were raping the land
Raping it dry so that there would be nothing left
For their grandchildren
The people were killing their home
And in doing so were guaranteeing
But guaranteeing their own eventual death as a people

Yes they would die
Yes they would be forgotten
No one would even remember that they had ever existed

And so things deteriorated

And so things now stand
And so things now stand
And so things now stand

And what is this lie my children
That led the people from the state they had been in
When I began this story
To the state they are currently in

What was this lie
Can anyone tell me
But no one dared answer
No one knew what to answer
Lord Jesus Christ
Why it was very simple this lie
Simple this lie was and hence its effectiveness

The lie was simple and straightforward
The lie was direct and to the point
The lie was bald and went to the root of the people’s self-

And the lie was this

It told the people
That God did not love them

It told the people
That God did not bless them with the gift of Life

It told the people
That God had not blessed them with the gift of their home
The planet they were living on

On the contrary, the lie said

God hates you
God is angry at you
God has rejected you

And no, you are not blessed with life and your planet
On the contrary, the lie said

You have been condemned to this planet
You have fallen from your state of grace
And God has rejected you
And thrown you out of your true home
And this planet you are now living upon
This beautiful planet you are now living upon
Is not your home
But is your punishment
It is your banishment

And God has rejected you
And you are no longer his children

No you have not been blessed with the gift of Life
You have been condemned to this life

No you have not been blessed with this jewel of a planet of a
You have been banished, exiled to this lonely planet

No you are not God’s children
No you are not
God has rejected you and no longer claims you as his own

And this was the lie the storyteller had imprinted upon the people
And this was the lie that the people were now acting out

Yes they were expressing their own self-hatred
For if God hated them, then they were worthy of being hated
And so hated themselves and each other
And mutually killed each other off

And if this precious gem of a planet
Was not a gift to them
But their land of exile
Then they hated it too
For it too deserved to be hated
It too deserved to be killed

And so the collective unconsciousness of the people expressed
And so their unrecognized self-hatred expressed itself
And so their suicide ideation expressed itself

For they no longer knew who they were
They no longer knew
They no longer knew

And yes, the Mother and the Son of God
Had tried to show the people
How much God loved them
Had tried to tell the people of God’s great love for them
And repeatedly told them, over the centuries
Repeatedly told them
That they were all children of the one God
Yes God’s beloved children were they

And this message was told by prophets in each generation
And this message for the most part
Was ignored by the populace in each generation
And no, life does not stand still
Life move, life moves, life moves
And now things are at a critical juncture on this planet
It is truly a time of crisis
Truly it would seem that the people have gone
Past the point of no return
And there is no hope for it
They will kill themselves off
They will kill their home, their planet that sustains them
So that should anyone survive their wars
These people would be condemned to die
A slow and agonizing death of starvation and thirst
For their planet would be dead
And have nothing to offer them

And yes, this is where things now stand on this planet
And how will this story conclude?
My children it is very simple

Should the people continue to believe the lie
That they had been rejected by God
That they had somehow “fallen”
That they have been punished and exiled
Then rest assured that the story will end
With the death of this people and their planet

Should the people choose to wake up
And perhaps the crisis they are now in will force them to wake up
Perhaps not, the power of denial is strong
It is strong, it is strong

But should the people choose to listen to their prophets
And yes return to the essence of what the Mother and Son of God
Had told them
That they are in fact and in truth
Beloved children of God

Then the people will again know who they are
They will know themselves to be beloved children of God
And yes they will feel their god’s love for them
And yes they will feel themselves to be loved
And yes they will love themselves

And yes they will open their eyes
And recognize their planet for the precious gem that it is
And appreciate God’s gift to them of their home
Yea their home, not the locale of their exile, but their true home
And then they will love their planet, their home again
And they will act with love for this their home
And care for their home
And assure that their home will continue to live
And continue to provide for their grandchildren
And the grandchildren of their grandchildren

And the planet and the people of this planet will live
They will live.  They will live
And yes, there is no stagnation
There is either growth or degradation

And if the people recognize and believe and feel
The fact and the truth
That they are the beloved children of God
Then not only will they live
But life on their planet will improve

Yes their killing of each other will cease
And peace will reign

Yes the hoarding, the unceasing hoarding will cease
And all shall be provided for

And yes, the people shall once again know who they are
And why they are here
And go about their lives with meaning, with purpose
And yes in contentment

And which way shall the people go?

Shall they continue to believe the lie of the snake
Or shall they realize the truth of who they are

This we do not know
Time will tell
Time will tell
And it will tell very soon
Soon indeed
For things are now at a crisis point

And it will soon be obvious to one and all
If the people have succeeded in annihilating themselves
And killing their home
Or if they will turn
If they will turn
It they will turn

The story will play out as the people choose
And all we can do is continue to send the prophets
The storytellers to tell them
To show them
What it is that they are doing
And to invite them to do differently

And this we are doing and doing and doing
Prophets and messengers are spreading like wildflowers
Across the planet
For truly the planet is in dire need

Will they be listened to
Will they be heard
Will the people wake up
And look at what they are doing
To themselves and to their home

Will they realize that they are marching full speed ahead
Toward their own death

Time will tell
And soon

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Copyright  2006  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved