The Risen State
Meditations on Terra
Truly one can see that the Holy Spirit has descended upon these
Way-Showers, for they are all already seated in position
All and each in a deep meditative state
Good and then what happens
And we also assume the meditative position
And enter into meditation
Good, and then what happens
And yes I see a gold band of light
Shoot out from Archangel Michael
And encircle the entire group
Through the waist of each individual it goes
Good and then what happens
And yes now I see that an inner circle of light appears
Close to the center of the circle
And yes now a gold beam of light
Shoots out from the waist of each individual
To the inner circle
And what are you seeing
The gold band, and it appears to be solid gold
Encircling through each member

The inner gold circle

The rays of gold light from each individual
To the inner gold circle
And so the group is connected at the group level
And also again at a more intimate, inner level
Yes one senses that the gold circle around and through them
Unites them in their meditative state

And the inner circle is where they meet
When they are communing as one
When they are communing with God
Very good, continue
And there is a moment
This scene is as a tableau
As each and all meditate, are still and meditate
And then yes, slowly, surely
Their vibratory rate increases
And as one, the entire circle, gold bands and all
Starts to levitate, starts to appear translucent
And then what happens
They stabilize 3 feet off the ground
And now they are as before
In a deep meditative state
The same gold bands uniting them at the circumference
And in the inner circle
Only now they are partly transparent
Only now they are 3 feet off the ground
And then what happens
And the moment remains
Again I do not know how long the moment lasts
But again it is as a tableau as all and each meditate
The picture is still, the silence profound
And then what happens
And now I sense the presence of the Divine
I do not know how I sense this
But present the Divine is
This I know
And then what happens
And it is evident that each and every member of the circle
Is also aware of the Divine Presence
For they may have been semi-transparent before
Now they are glowing
Positively glowing they are
Vibrating, pulsating with light they are
And then what happens
And I see them tilt their heads as if to listen
They are listening to the voice of the Divine
They are hearing his words
And what is the Divine saying
Tune in and listen
You can hear as well as you see
What is the Divine saying
My children how it pleases me to see you so
To see you lifted up in prayer
To see you having transcended your mortal limitations
And have risen, literally risen to new heights
Yes, to a higher level of being
One that I would you attain on a permanent basis
And then what happens
And I see that silence reigns as each and all
Contemplate what has just been said

To remain in this heightened state
As a permanent way of being
A permanent way of life

That concept had not occurred to them before
They had not thought it was even allowed to them
They had previously thought
That these were moments of divine bliss
Reserved for only after deep and long meditation
And yes only for while in a deep meditative state

And then one must, yes must, return to the ground
Return to the ground level
To the mundane and to the ordinary
And go about one’s daily duties

What is the Father saying
Can the Father possibly be saying
That they can remain in this state
That they need not descend back to ground level
But can actually go about their day
In this heightened and spiritually aware state
Yes my children
That is exactly what I am saying

For Life is from the Spirit
Life is of the Spirit
It is the Holy Spirit that gives life

And the closer and higher you are to your spiritual reality
The more true your life shall be
And yes you can live and work and manifest your creation
At this higher reality
And do so with greater ease and yes greater comfort
Than you can do so at the lower, denser levels

My children that is exactly what I am saying
Remain here
Remain here with me
Yes open your eyes while still in this heightened state
Yes come out of your meditative position
Into this heightened state

Yes live your lives in this heightened state
And find your lives to be higher
Higher in nature, higher in essence, higher in purity

And yes, find it easier, much easier
To translate the ideal spiritual reality
Into mental thought forms
And into physical manifestation

And yes find that if you do live in, and remain in
And yes, work from, this heightened state
You will find that your physical reality
Will more closely correspond to the ideal that you perceive
On the spiritual plane

My children arise!
Arise!  Arise!  Arise!

These heightened states of being
Are not to be reserved for the few
Are not to be reserved for a few precious moments
But are to be your permanent state of being
Yes I would gift you with this
That all life on Terra lives in and operates in
This heightened state of being
This higher rate of frequency
This increased vibratory rate

Live here my children
Do not feel yourselves limited to brief and precious visits
Come, stay a while, stay a while longer
Longer, and longer the stay with each visit
Until finally, finally, finally
You find that you are at home here
And yes that you can open your eyes
And go about your daily tasks here
Right here my children
In this place of luminosity
You are free to remain
Free to live your lives
Free to create your reality

You need not return to the denser plane that you are used to
You are free my children, should you so choose
To remain here in this lighter, higher, and yes
More blissful and peaceful state

In deep joy and in deep contentment and peace
You are free to go about your day here
In peace, with all the time in the world
You are free to calmly go about your day
Finding that all is accomplished
Without the need for anxiety on your part
With no need for strain, no need for stress

All is achieved calmly, steadily
All is accomplished and accomplished well
And yes accomplished in a timely manner

Even as you have forgotten about time altogether
Even as you increasingly forget all notion of time
And live in the Eternal Now

For in this heightened state my children
Time is different than it is in the lower and denser state
The laws of physics are different, my children

And you will find it easier to enter into
And remain in the Eternal Now
And no, once in the Eternal Now
Once you have learned to not just meditate in that state
But to operate from that state
To carry out your duties in that state

You will no longer want to leave
You will no longer feel the need to leave
You will no longer leave

My children I ask you
I ask you to learn, to dare to hope
To realize that this state of bliss and peace and contentment
That you are currently experiencing
Is my gift to you
And I am generous my children with my gifts

I do not lend them and take them back

They are yours my children
They are yours for the taking and the keeping
They are yours

Learn my children
Learn to rise
Learn to remain risen
Learn to live your lives in this risen state

And yes experience for yourselves
To be living lives
Of Heaven on Terra!

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Copyright  2006  Mary Rock
All Rights Reserved